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A Strange Death at Colorado Springs Department of Corrections Facility is Being Investigated

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – An investigation into what the Springs, Colorado, the police department is calling a suspicious death has been opened as a result of a fatality that occurred in a facility that is managed by the Department of Corrections.

In response to a report of a fatality that was received on Saturday around 6:15 p.m., law enforcement officers were dispatched to the facility that is operated by Community Alternatives of El Paso County and is located off of East Las Vegas Street. This was done in response to the fact that the report of the fatality was received on Saturday.

There is presently no information that can be accessed by the general public on the identity of the person who has passed away or if there are any clear indications that criminal activity may have taken place. It is also unclear how the person in question was located in the first place.

death at Colorado Springs Department
death at Colorado Springs Department

11 News has been informed that the homicide and assault unit of the CSPD is presently investigating the event in question to see whether or not it featured any behavior that is considered to be criminal.

The structure operates as a gathering place for those who are granted work release.

Any new information that may become available in the future will be incorporated into this article when it is updated in the future.

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