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Drake & the Weeknd’s Ai Collab Has Selena Gomez References

Rappers typically only have to worry about competing with their peers. The threat posed by artificial intelligence is being fought against now more than ever. Thanks to the power of computer technology, a plethora of videos have recently appeared online, revealing what our favorite singers would sound like singing songs from other people’s discographies.

Some software even creates brand-new lyrics and inserts voices from performers like Drake and The Weeknd to create false tracks that seem real and are getting a lot of buzzes online. According to HipHopDX, on Friday, April 14, the YouTube channel ghostwriter uploaded the song “Heart on my sleeve.”

It was referred to as a “Drake AI song featuring The Weeknd.” Over the beat, a voice uncannily resembling Drizzy’s can be heard mentioning a fellow Canadian and his ex-beauty expert girlfriend. The song’s opening line reads, “She knows all she needs, I need her, she blessed, giving her my best.

I came in with my ex like Selena to flex / Bumping Justin Bieber the fever ain’t left.” Drake continues in the lyric, “I got my heart on my sleeve with a knife in my back what’s with that? / (Aye) 21, I love him that my brother that’s my slatt.”

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Drake and The Weeknd Collaborate Using AI

The Weeknd, who once dated Selena Gomez, also sings about her in one of his songs. “Got these pearls on my neck, got these girls on my cheek like Selena baby / Oh my genie maybe yeah, she taking the Lambo for a drive using the fancy door,” the AI voice of the Idol singer says. “I put my heart on my sleeve when she left the store.” To say the least, it is shocking for many artists to hear their source of income replicated so easily online.

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The Scorpion hitmaker also went through it earlier this week. Thanks to current technology, he was able to hear himself rapping to Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U)” at the time. Many of Champagne Papi’s millions of Instagram followers laughed when he posted it on his Instagram Story. If listening to The Weeknd and Drake on a song makes you yearn for their previous pairings, listen to fan favorites like “The Zone” and “Crew Love” below.

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