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Election Day Turnout May Be Affected by Rain and Snow in Several Areas of the US

Candidates have spent months navigating a changing political landscape, fluctuating inflation rates, redistricting, and even scandals. Election Day weather, though, is a possible campaign influence that has only recently come into focus.

On Tuesday, millions of people will go to the polls, some of them in the midst of snow, rain, or even an impending subtropical storm. On Tuesday, a region of low pressure in the West will travel toward the Californian coast, bringing rain to states like Washington and Oregon, which are hosting competitive congressional elections this election cycle.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has predicted snow for much of the northern half of Nevada on Tuesday, where Republican Adam Laxalt seeks to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. The NWS predicts snow in Reno on Tuesday up until 2 p.m., after which time it will turn to a mix of rain and snow.

Temperatures in Las Vegas, which is southeast of Reno, are predicted to be too warm for snow, but locals may expect rain all day. The storm system will also deliver rain to a large portion of California, where there are several closely contested House contests happening in places like the San Joaquin Valley and Orange County.

On Tuesday, Subtropical Storm Nicole will make landfall near Florida’s east coast. The biggest effects of the storm are probably not going to be felt in the state until Wednesday after the polls close, but there is a chance that it might rain in certain places on Election Day. For the coastline, the NWS has issued hurricane and tropical storm watches.

Pelosi is “optimistic” about Democratic House seats that some people consider to be “too close to call.”
Pelosi asserts that she “certainly” compares the husband’s attack and the Jan. 6 incident. It’s probable that there will be more rain in states like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The NWS predicts a dry election day for many states with tight races for the Senate, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

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