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Ellie Divorce: Storyline of Divorce

The eleventh season of NCIS welcomes a brand-new member to the squad in the form of Ellie Bishop. After two seasons, the main character decides to end their marriage and obtain a divorce. Here we learn about Ellie Divorce from her husband.

Who is Ellie?

Eleanor “Miss Ellie” Ewing Farlow (maiden name Southworth) is a fictitious character from the CBS TV series Dallas. Miss Ellie, created by David Jacobs, was key to the show’s structure and tension. Barbara Bel Geddes originated the character and won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Real-life drama affected Miss Ellie throughout the show’s 13-year run when Bel Geddes underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery. Bel Geddes reappeared as Miss Ellie in the 12th episode of 1983–1984. Due to health difficulties, Donna Reed replaced her for the 1984–1985 season. Dallas producers requested Bel Geddes to return to the role in 1985–86, and she stayed until the character’s final appearance in 1989–90.

Barbara Bel Geddes played Miss Ellie in 276 episodes and Donna Reed in 24.

Miss Ellie’s stories are about her family. She’s a powerful and caring matriarch of the Ewing family. Miss Ellie’s marriage to oil millionaire Jock Ewing was crucial to the character during the first several years she was featured on the program until he died in 1981.

The Storyline of Divorce?

Cote de Pablo’s role as the fan-favorite stone-faced agent Ziva David ended during Season 11 of “NCIS,” marking the end of her time on the show. Because of her departure, a space on the program needed to be filled by a new, innovative agent, and Ellie Bishop was cast in that role. Fans of “NCIS” were quick to warm up to Ellie since she is intelligent, bold, and follows her own set of rules. She is portrayed on the show by Emily Wickersham. Wickersham recently announced that she would be departing the crime procedural after the 18th season, after having starred in the front for seven seasons and a total of more than 170 episodes. Although this is Ellie’s final episode, the feisty NCIS agent has left an indelible mark on the long-running show she’s been a part of.


Ellie goes through a lot while she is under the protection of Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of his squad. Ellie had worked with the NSA as an analyst in the past, and before joining NCIS, she served as a liaison between the NSA and Gibbs’ squad. Ellie later joined NCIS. Ellie will be leaving the job where she first became acquainted with her future husband, Jake Malloy (Jamie Bamber), an attorney. When she goes over to the new business, he works for the National Security Agency (NSA). At first glance, it would appear like Ellie and Jake had the ideal marriage. They seem to care deeply for one another and provide excellent support for one another regardless of difficulties. But later, in Season 13, when she came dangerously close to losing her husband in a bombing, he admitted that he had been having an affair, and the two of them decided to obtain a divorce as a result.

Ellie and Jake eventually split up when they decided to quit working together at the NSA.

Ellie Divorce
Ellie Divorce

In Season 13, Ellie joins the cast of “NCIS,” which is famous for having people who appear to be particularly adept at failing in romantic relationships. “NCIS” is recognized for having a cast of characters who seem remarkably talented at failing in romantic relationships. Given the strain and separation experienced by marriage, in addition to Jake’s extramarital affair, it is a decision that makes perfect sense to have the character go through the process of getting a divorce. But the discovery that Ellie and Jake didn’t share that much in common was one of the primary factors contributing to their relationship breakup.

The two people meet in their respective positions at the National Security Agency (NSA). Their commitment to their work and the agency ultimately leads to their relationship and helps them remain together. When Ellie decides to join the NCIS, she most likely believes that her marriage will be able to withstand the stress brought on by her new profession. But once she starts working with new people and not with Jake, Ellie realizes that maybe the NSA is all she has in common with her husband, which is not enough to keep a stable marriage. This realization comes after Ellie realizes she is no longer working with Jake.

Wickersham discussed the demise of their marriage in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that took place immediately after the 2015 episode in which Jake admits to having an affair. She stated that Ellie’s inability to share all the details of her work at NCIS with Jake was undoubtedly a contributing factor in the couple’s decision to divorce, but that “in reality, that shouldn’t end a marriage” and that she believes “the marriage, the foundation, wasn’t strong enough, to begin with.” Thanks to the divorce, Ellie may now meet new people and begin a new chapter in her life. She can now give her position at the NCIS her complete attention.

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