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Ex-CNN Producer Sentenced as Victim Speaks Out About Abuse

The teenage victim of a disgraced CNN producer accused of abusing children said she would “never trust anyone again” after he was given a sentence of more than 19 years in prison. At a hearing held by the US District Court in Vermont on Tuesday, John Griffin, 46, was given the sentence of 19 years in prison and 15 years of supervised release. Griffin, of Stamford, Connecticut, admitted guilt in December to luring a minor through interstate commerce.

According to VT Digger, the Princeton University graduate claimed that when he met individuals online, “people were no longer people, they became screen names,” which led him to act without thinking about the repercussions. Griffin, a father of three, allegedly persuaded a woman he met online to bring her daughter, 9, to his $2.5 million ski retreat in Ludlow, where he abused the youngster.

Additionally, he paid the mother $3,000 in July 2020 to travel from Nevada to Boston, where he met them and drove them to his house while picking them up in his Tesla. He reportedly instructed the girl to do sex acts. Although there have been no updates on Heather Carriker’s case, she has also been charged with child abuse and sexual assault.

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Griffin’s two charges of enticing a juvenile were dropped as part of his plea agreement. Griffin was given a severe sentence a year and a half after being detained in December 2021 on numerous counts of luring young girls as young as 7 to his Vermont home for “sexual subservience” training.

In the first paperwork, he said that he had convinced ladies he had met online that “a woman is a woman regardless of her age” and that he ought to be the one to “train” their young children sexually. The state’s attorney claimed that Griffin also tried to coerce two children into engaging in sexual behaviour using apps like Kik and Google Hangout.

For instance, he allegedly proposed a “virtual training session” in April 2020 to encourage a mother and her 14-year-old daughter to undress and have physical contact. Griffin first entered a not-guilty plea to all counts and was fired from CNN, where his LinkedIn profile shows he had worked for eight years as a senior producer after stops at ABC, Fox News, and CBS.

Griffin bragged on his page about working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with lead anchor Chris Cuomo, who has since been fired. The two men may be huddled close in backstage photos taken between takes. Griffin’s Tesla and Mercedes vehicles and Ludlow’s property were being sought after by the government at the time of his detention.

In January 2022, his wife, Allyson Griffin, filed for divorce and asked for custody of the couple’s three kids and ownership of their $4.5 million Norwalk home. According to VT Digger, Griffin’s lawyer David Kirby argued on Tuesday that his client has been struggling in a challenging marriage in addition to cocaine and alcohol abuse. He also asked Sessions to impose a shorter sentence.

Griffin’s accuser, Michael Drescher, condemned him, saying that “it’s difficult to imagine a worse offence [than what he did]” short of “ending a person’s life.” He continued, “Mr Griffin knows what to say and when to say it,” He thought the seasoned producer was also a cunning manipulator. According to the source, Griffin’s child victim and grandmother also participated in the hearing through video conference.

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Due to her age, Jane Doe told the judge, “I’ll never trust anyone again.” She said to Griffin, “You make me sad and angry.” According to the child’s grandmother, the girl was “forever ruined” by Griffin’s conduct. Sessions declared at the end of the proceedings that he thought Griffin’s behaviour was “beyond the pale.”

Griffin’s plea agreement forbids him from interacting with anyone under 18 unless accompanied by an eligible adult whose probation officer has given the go-ahead. In addition, he is prohibited from going to kid-friendly locations like playgrounds, schools, and theme parks unless his probation supervisor permits him to do so.


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