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George Santos is the Subject of Federal and Local Investigations, as well as Public Outrage

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the federal inquiry, which is being led by the office of the United States attorney in Brooklyn, is focusing at least in part on his financial activities. The probe is being overseen by the United States attorney in Brooklyn. It was reported that the probe was still in its preliminary phases.

In a separate investigation, the district attorney’s office in Nassau County, New York, stated that it was investigating the “numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman-elect Santos” during his successful campaign in 2022 to represent parts of Long Island and Queens. Santos was elected to represent these areas of Long Island and Queens.

“Nothing short of shocking,” in the words of Anne Donnelly, the district attorney for Nassau County, were the “many fabrications and discrepancies associated with” Mr. Santos. Register for The New York Times’s morning e-newsletter, The Morning, here.

A prospective income can be earned with as little as a $249 investment on the investor’s part. It was not apparent how far along the investigation into Nassau County had moved, but the district attorney for the county, Anne Donnelly, said in a statement that Mr. Santos’ fabrications “are nothing short of astonishing.”

She continued by saying that “No one is above the law,” and that “if a crime was committed in our county, we will pursue it.” On Wednesday, a spokesman for the United States Attorney’s Office chose not to comment on the situation.

ABC News was the first to break the story that the office is interested in Mr. Santos, while Newsday was the first to break the story that Nassau County is investigating. Both investigations were prompted by a report published in The New York Times, which revealed that Mr. Santos had made false claims about his educational and professional background, including whether or not he had worked at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

Both investigations were carried out in response to this report. The Times also discovered that Mr. Santos had failed to disclose vital information about his company in the mandatory financial filings. There are still open questions regarding how Mr. Santos was able to amass such a large amount of personal money, as shown by the campaign finance records, that he was able to lend his campaign $70,000.

Mr. Santos has stated that the Devolder Organization, the company he owns, is the source of his wealth; nevertheless, he has not revealed many details regarding the functioning of the company. Ms. Donnelly, who is also a Republican like Mr. Santos, made a statement that added to the mounting pressure that Mr. Santos is under.

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Mr. Santos was elected in November to represent northern Nassau County and northeast Queens in Congress beginning in January. Ms. Donnelly’s statement added to the mounting pressure. On Monday, Mr. Santos gave interviews to a variety of other media sites, and during those appearances, he corroborated several of the falsehoods that were pointed out by The Times.

He stated that he had lied about graduating from Baruch College — he said that he does not have a college degree — and that he had made deceptive claims about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. He also admitted that he had lied about graduating from high school in the first place.

Additionally, Mr. Santos admitted that he had not earned a significant income as a landlord, despite the fact that this was one of the credentials he touted throughout the campaign. In his admissions, he has tried to justify his dishonesty by saying that it was nothing more than the usual practice of inflating his resume.

However, out of more than two dozen people who live on Long Island who was interviewed on Wednesday, the majority voiced their displeasure with Mr. Santos’s behavior and their irritation with his justifications. This included several people who had previously stated that they had backed Mr. Santos.

Felestasia Mawere, who stated that she had voted for Mr. Santos and had contributed money to his campaign, maintained that he should not serve in Congress after confessing to having deceived people. Mr. Santos has stated that he was not aware of the misinformation that he had spread to voters.

Ms. Mawere, a certified public accountant who resides in Manhasset, stated, “He cheated.” She went on to say that in reference to the lies that were included in his biography, “He purposefully placed that stuff knowing that it would persuade voters like me to vote for him.” Despite this, it seemed as though Mr. Santos had managed to keep the support of a significant number of members of his party, including those who are going to be his constituents.

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