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Goldsboro Police Identify Victim, Suspect in Deadly Shooting at Law Firm Riddle and Brantley

On Monday, just before 4:15 p.m., it took place inside the Riddle and Brantley law office at 601 N. Spence Ave. The bodies of two men, according to investigators, were discovered inside the office. Patrick White, a 42-year-old lawyer from Raleigh, has been named as the victim. According to the police, the alleged shooter was Greenville resident Francisco Sanchez, 46, who shot and killed himself.

Around 9:30 a.m., Sanchez and his wife Crystal Guerrero arrived at the legal office for mediation. Information about the mediation was kept confidential due to the attorney-client privilege. White served as the Sanchez/Guerrero case’s official legal representative, and mediator Gene Riddle provided support.

Riddle described the horrifying events that transpired when there didn’t seem to be much of a forewarning of the impending violence. Riddle remarked, “I’m still trying to digest it. The conference appeared ordinary. All sides agreed on a price during the course of the day’s mediation, and just after 4 p.m., everyone appeared to be satisfied with the resolution.

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White, Riddle and the mediator then departed for various offices in the complex as Guerrero requested a private conversation with Sanchez. After the couple had a brief private encounter, Riddle claimed to have seen Sanchez approaching him and heard gunshots. Riddle stumbled into his office, thinking he had been shot.

White, who was standing close, came under Sanchez’s attention as he continued to fire. White tried to stop him but was fatally shot in the process. Patrick yelled (Sanchez’s name) and told him to stop, and I’m providing you this (story of what transpired) so you realize the brave conduct of Mr. White,” Riddle said on Tuesday.

Riddle said, “Patrick was saving us,” with tears in his eyes. Riddle claimed to have gotten up and started desperately hunting for his daughter, whom he thought might still be working there. When he saw Sanchez in the lobby, he ordered him to leave.

Later, when Sanchez had shot himself in the head, Riddle heard another gunshot. Riddle called 911 and stayed by White’s side as he passed away. “God helps him is all I could say. Patrick needs your attention. I was aware that he had left,” Riddle stated. Patrick gave himself up. Savior for us.

Residents of that neighborhood expressed alarm at the hearing of the violent incident at the well-known law company, which has offices all throughout the Triangle. People who observed the police surrounding this well-known law firm on Monday afternoon reported seeing the unimaginable at the gas station across the street.

Anthony Burke, who was driving by the crime site, said, “I heard about what occurred.” We heard he had a family as well, and I know my family celebrates Christmas very enthusiastically. Therefore, we also wanted to contact out and express our condolences. It’s a very tragic occurrence.

All through the evening, Goldsboro police and Wayne County deputies mobbed the law firms. James Creamer, who works at the Shell station across the street, said, “I saw officers arriving from numerous places, sirens, and I was wondering what was going on, but I knew it was something serious because when they came out, they had their guns ready on guard.”

Clearer claimed that he had previously spoken with Riddle. As time passed, we learned what was happening, and yes, sir, it was shocking to the neighborhood, he added. No one could comment on this probe, a Riddle and Brantley spokesperson claimed over the phone on Monday night.

Owner of the Shell station Muhab Arkubati claimed, “This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Goldsboro, and none of that stuff is going on here.” That’s shocking to see it in this area. “(Patrick) is a true hero, which is the way he lived his entire life,” a member of the legal firm’s employees added on Tuesday.

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