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Is Taylor Swift Engaged? She Predicted to Started Dating With Travis Kelce

This year, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has been in the spotlight, making the singer of “Shake It Off” and the Kansas City Chiefs star one of the most talked-about pairs in the entertainment industry.

This begs the question, is Taylor Swift engaged to Travis Kelce, and was that question answered in 2023?

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Engaged?

Is Taylor Swift Engaged?
Is Taylor Swift Engaged?

While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not yet engaged, at least one well-known person thinks that they might be in May 2024.

Hilarie Burton Morgan, a former cast member of One Tree Hill, tweeted that she thought Swift and Kelce “are gonna be engaged by May,” in response to a video that showed Kelce reacting to Swift changing a line in her song “Karma” to allude to their relationship:

Despite being a “Swiftie” and supporting Taylor and Travis’s relationship, Burton Morgan doesn’t seem to have any inside knowledge. In September, she tweeted that she was “painfully invested” in the pair:

Although Burton Morgan might share the aspirations of numerous Taylor Swift admirers, there has been no update on the couple’s engagement as of yet.

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Getting Married?

It appears that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce won’t be getting married anytime soon as there has been no news of an engagement soon. Both Taylor and Travis have been in high-profile, committed relationships for extended periods, yet neither has ever been married.

The most recent article on celebrity dating is available below:

Before that, in April 2023, Swift supposedly ended her relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn. From 2017 to 2022, Kelce dated social media influencer Kayla Nicole.

Thus, even though the couple isn’t quite engaged, speculations will persist as Swift fans as well as particularly ardent Chiefs supporters continue to support them. Stay Connected With unitedfact.com

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