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K-9 Gets into Car as Anaheim Pursuit Finishes to Assist Police in Apprehending Carjacking Suspect

After a police pursuit came to a stop in Anaheim and a K-9 dog was sent into the stolen car, a carjacking suspect was dramatically apprehended, according to footage. Police arrived at about 7 a.m. The Garden Grove Police Department released a statement saying that shortly after the carjacking was reported, officers went to the 11000 block of Magnolia Street.

According to the news release, “Officers discovered the vehicle was seized by force and no weapon was utilized.” No other information regarding how the car was taken was immediately available. Police found the automobile soon after, and a chase started. The pursuit was ended, per the statement, in the 800 block of Magnolia Street using a PIT maneuver after the subject allegedly refused to stop.

According to investigators, a standoff started when the suspect refused to get out of the car after it had been stopped and turn himself in. After a police chase came to an end in Anaheim and a K-9 was sent into the stolen car, the suspect in a carjacking was quickly apprehended.

A police K-9 was used, according to the statement, after less drastic measures had failed. The dog can be seen hopping inside the car through the driver’s side door in news footage taken at the scene. About 30 seconds pass while the dog and the suspect struggle around before the K-9’s handler approaches the car.

Before coming to a stop, the automobile temporarily rolls rearward. Officers then unlock the door and detain the suspect. The man was sent to a hospital for treatment even though he didn’t seem gravely hurt when he was put in an ambulance. His identity wasn’t made public right away. A previous version of this article incorrectly said that the Anaheim Police Department was responsible for the statement, which was really the Garden Grove Police Department.

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