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Why Did Valerie Bertinelli Divorce Tom Vitale?

Before their divorce after more than ten years of marriage, actress, and author Valerie Bertinelli were wed to businessman Tom Vitale. After Bertinelli’s first marriage to late rock legend Eddie Van Halen, with whom she has a son named Wolfgang Van Halen, ended, the couple soon fell in love.

Before becoming engaged in 2010, Bertinelli and Vitale had been dating for six years. The Hot in Cleveland star told PEOPLE, “I could have lived with Tom for the rest of my life without being married, but I wanted to call him my husband’.” “I truly wanted to let the people I love know how I felt about Tom.” On New Year’s Day of 2011, the pair exchanged vows in their Malibu, California, home.

Bertinelli and Vitale co-founded the website firm Veebow during their ten-year marriage and had many wonderful times together. Additionally, Vitale made an appearance on his wife’s Food Network program Valerie’s Home Cooking and TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

Some of the most recent divorces are listed below for your reading pleasure:

Why Did Valerie Bertinelli Divorce Tom Vitale?

The actress initially petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court for a legal separation on November 24, 2021, and for divorce on May 12, 2022. The marriage was dissolved due to “irreconcilable differences,” she said.

Even though Bertinelli is legally single at this point, she has no plans to start dating again. She told her Today show co-host Hoda Kotb in May that she was done with relationships and wanted to be single for the rest of her life.

Valerie’s decision to end her marriage to Tom raises many questions. They divorced nearly nine years after getting hitched, in November 2021. That was after they had already been living apart since December 2019.

Why Did Valerie Bertinelli Divorce Tom Vitale
Why Did Valerie Bertinelli Divorce Tom Vital

USA TODAY has obtained divorce documents from the Los Angeles Superior Court in California, where the actress and Food Network star cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.

To “full, final, and complete settlement and satisfaction of any and all claims between them,” the Food Network star will pay her ex-husband $2.2 million, as stated in the documents. Based on what is “set forth in the Prenuptial Agreement,” neither Bertinelli nor Vitale will be eligible for alimony.

‘I am going to be more than happy to be happily divorced and spend the rest of my life alone,’ she said matter-of-factly. “In that case, I’ll be content. I live with my son, my dog, and my six cats, and I hope to have grandchildren someday.”

Below is a list of some of the most recent divorces for your reading pleasure:

Who Is Valerie Bertinelli Dating?

At the moment, Valerie Bertinelli is happily married to Tom Vitale. They’ve been dating for about 12 years, 1 month, and 7 days now, having first met in 2011. The TV star was born in Wilmington, Delaware on April 23, 1960.

The actress who played Barbara Cooper Royer on One Day at a Time and won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film Hot in Cleveland.

What Happened Between Valerie and Tom?

Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale’s divorce is finalized on November 22, 2022. After being legally separated from Vitale for a year, Bertinelli is overjoyed to finally be divorced from him, calling the day the “second best day” of her life on Twitter. My attorney just gave me a call. All necessary paperwork has been signed.

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