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Antisemitism Obliterates “Kanye West Net Worth” as Adidas Cuts Ties

Kanye West Net Worth: Now that his estimated net worth has been revealed, Kanye West has the title of wealthiest African American in the annals of our nation’s history. Kanye West amassed his money thanks to his successful music career and “Yeezy” brand apparel and footwear business.

What Coverage is Revealed About Kanye West Net Worth?

Kanye West dared Adidas to remove him after weeks of antisemitic tweets and media appearances.

The rapper, who legally goes by “Ye,” claimed this on the Drink Champs podcast earlier this month. Ye felt he was unbeatable after working with Adidas since 2013 on his Yeezy shoes. According to Cowen, Yeezy items account for 4% to 8% of Adidas’ sales. Ye’s $1.5 billion net worth came from the deal.

Ye’s statements placed a German sports apparel firm with Nazi roots in the hot seat. Following Ye’s antisemitic statements, Adidas came under increasing pressure to cut relations with him. Adidas remained silent for weeks, until October 6 when they said their association with Ye was “under review.”

Adidas came under fire when a photo of white nationalists doing the Nazi salute while holding a banner stating “Kanye was correct about the Jews” was revealed over the weekend. The white nationalists were likely alluding to Ye’s “death con 3 on Jewish people” message, which had his Twitter account banned; additional antisemitic slurs got him barred on Instagram, and hundreds of social media users called for Adidas to dump Ye.

Adidas severed the relationship today, October 25. This will cost them big, but Ye considerably more, pushing him out of billionaire status. Read also: Shari Addison Net Worth: Age, Biography& Other Details!

Adidas condemns antisemitism and hates speech. Ye’s recent words and actions are abhorrent, bigoted, and dangerous, the firm said in a press release. After an assessment, the corporation has decided to cease its association with Ye, stop producing Yeezy items, and stop paying Ye and his companies. Adidas will immediately cease selling Yeezys.

Kanye West net worth
Kanye West net worth

Ye’s billions are gone.

It’s a self-inflicted demise for one of Forbes’ most explosive characters (and a magazine cover). Ye didn’t comment.

Adidas’ $1.5 billion contract was based on annual profits. Forbes compared Ye’s Adidas royalties to music catalog or picture residuals based on expert interviews. The Adidas cash stream may be sold, analysts added, like hundreds of singers (including Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen) have in the previous two years. Read also: Forrest Whitley Net worth: Dating & Relation Status!

Ye’s $400 million without Adidas. Ye’s income comes from real estate, cash, his music archive, and a 5% share in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand, Skims. He hasn’t worked for Skims since its 2019 launch, a source told Forbes.

Ye’s removal from Forbes’ list ends a years-long controversy. He was always underrated. He wasn’t delighted when he reached the list in 2020 with $1 billion. He texted, “It’s not a billion.” Forbes can’t count, so $3.3 billion.

Ye complained about our poor numbers every year. Ye’s Adidas contract alone was worth $4.3 billion, he said. Ye’s displeasure with Forbes surfaced after he reached $2 billion.

Their Yeezy collaboration was revealed in 2013. Since then, Ye has battled Taylor Swift, Universal Music Group, Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson on social media. Read also: Julian Edelman Net Worth: Details About His Biography, Including Their Early Years

Road closed. Ye could relaunch Yeezy himself. Ye posted his first post on the right-wing social networking site Parler five days ago after being banned from Twitter and Instagram. Romans 8:31 was cited.


Kanye West is complex, clever, and innovative. As a result of his mental illness, he has probably had several setbacks in both his personal and professional life.

After West made a series of antisemitic statements and “White Lives Matter” pranks in the fall of 2022, both Adidas and Gap severed their profitable relationships with him for his Yeezy collections.


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