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Lady Jade Divorce: All Information About This In Briefly!

In the morning, a little girl overheard Lady Jade’s talk with DeDe and continued to delve into her affairs. Even though she was only six years old, she was fascinated by Lady Jade’s divorce from her husband. After all, who knows the real story behind “Lady Jade Divorce”?

Lady Jade, Who Are You?

Lady Jade renowned as radio’s darling and with a bright and funny personality is one of the sweetest and most charming people you will ever meet. She is a Dallas, Texas-based Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member.

Texas State University awarded her a bachelor’s degree. Lady Jade’s expertise as a personality extends far beyond radio, as she is a community leader, and an advocate for young women, and has made several guest appearances across the country.

Lady Jade’s amusing demeanor, openness, and honesty are evident both on and off-screen as she expresses her truth via her relationships throughout her life. This is true in the context of her curriculum as well as in her personal life. You can always count on her to grin, but this is especially true when she is around youngsters, who constantly motivate and support her.

Lady Jade Divorce
Lady Jade Divorce

Lady Jade K104 celebrated her birthday in June, according to a YouTube video in which her employees wish her a happy birthday. She wished them well as they celebrated their birthdays at “The Big Station.” K104 declared that she would never forget her wonderful birthday.

Someone else in the same video mentioned her age as 38. She had to have been 38 in 2016 to be 44. She appears to be in her thirties rather than her mid-forties. She resigned from her post at K104 after 19 years on August 22nd.

Jade has been a full-time media personality on the Morning Show/Service Broadcasting with DeDe since 2013. Every year, she visits hundreds of classes to spread her message. It’s a method for her to demonstrate how much she cares about the youngsters in her community and the rest of the world. She volunteers at shelters, camps, and foster care facilities in her community.

Her current focus is on Project16 DFW, a charity that works with at-risk adolescents to provide them with advice, education, exposure, mental health assistance, and vital life skills. She is a media personality and co-host of a nationally syndicated morning radio show, according to her LinkedIn page. She also launched the Project 16 DFW project.

Who And Why Will Lady Jade Marry?

Lady Jade made the news of her engagement to TA public on her Instagram account in 2013. She enlisted the help of her employees before attacking them with a bomb. The workers began screaming at each other during the live studio show. Jade also uploaded a video of her wedding to YouTube in 2014. According to MYK104.com, Jade was involved with a married man whom she considered to be the ideal companion.

Divorce Of Lady Jade

When the anonymous guy indicated his marital status, he appeared to be telling the truth. However, he also stated that he and his wife were unhappy and were considering divorce.

What Is The Truth About Lady Jade’s Divorce?

After nine years of marriage, Chad and Jade filed for divorce in 2021. Todd Thompson, a fashion designer, filed for divorce from the high-profile chef and her husband of 11 years in 2014. She met and fell in love with another man after being away for many months. If you live in the Dallas or Houston area, you’ve probably heard the voice of my close buddy Lady Jade.

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