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Mall of America shooting: ‘Whoever Did This, We Will Catch Them’

As a result of a gunshot that took place on Friday evening and resulted in the death of one individual following an incident, the Mall of America was placed under lockdown. According to authorities, two groups of males looked to be fighting, which led to the shooting death of one person, which has been confirmed by FOX 9.

“This is simply stupid, stupid, stupid,” said Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges. “Whoever is responsible for this, we will find them. And whoever assists them, we will put you behind bars as well.” Initially, officers from the Bloomington Police Department arrived at the scene at Nordstrom, where they attempted to save the victim’s life before it was determined that they had passed away.

According to the authorities, the entire episode took place in less than a minute and a half. Following the implementation of the lockdown, the shopping center has confirmed that everyone has been evacuated, and the shopping center will stay closed for the evening. On Saturday, it will reopen for business with new hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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The details of the present installation of metal detectors at the Mall of America’s gates are being withheld by the police. A crew from FOX 9 is now on the scene and working with officials to confirm specifics about the victim’s health and the whereabouts of the suspect.

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