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Michael Jordan Divorce: is it true that her girlfriend liked his fame

People will want to take advantage of you and flock to you if you’re the finest basketball player in the world.

Michael Jordan, at the height of his prime, when he had the most fans in the world, was another celebrity whose popularity was used for financial gain. People would chase after you and even try to take advantage of you if you are the finest basketball player in the world.

That’s why MJ has come clean about his aversion to public settings: he becomes an unpleasant person whenever his personal space is breached.

Mike’s ex-girlfriend, who he later claimed was only interested in him for his money and celebrity, was the first person to make him aware of the fame-hungry public.

Jordan said that ladies were only interested in him for his money in a 1989 profile interview with GQ Magazine. Robin Givens, who supposedly dated Michael Jordan in 1989, recently ended their relationship and married Mike Tyson, a professional boxer. It all started in 1988 when Given and Tyson’s tumultuous relationship and the accompanying negative media exposure led to a split.

Jordan was in his limo on the way home from a party with his current girlfriend when he heard the news. Jordan was reading about the tumultuous separation between Tyson and Givens in the media when he realized he had narrowly avoided disaster. Read more: How Government Money for Poor Families Pays Anti-abortion Groups, Next-door Abortion Clinic

“It became tiresome after five, six days,” Jordan told David Breskin of GQ Magazine.

It was clear to me. Even he could see that she wasn’t interested in dating guys but rather in fast-growing companies. Jordan elaborated, saying that at the moment the only person he trusted was his mother.

MJ has been with his wife Yvette Prieto for the past 9 years and they recently tied the knot. He was previously married for 17 years to Juanita Vanoy, but they split up long before he met Prieto. Jordan’s ex-wife earned a $168 million settlement after their divorce, which at the time was the largest such payout in the entertainment industry’s history.

In addition to the cash, Vonoy was given ownership rights to his seven-acre Chicago estate. Read more: Charu Asopa Divorce: She Will Divorce Soon Since Rajeev Sen Cheated on Her

Michael Jordan Divorce
Michael Jordan Divorce

So, the 6-time champion would probably reply the same way he did in 1989 if asked if he trusts women now. When you’re the greatest basketball player of all time and a global symbol, it might be tough to put your faith in the people around you.

If nothing else, Mike has his mother, Deloris, who is the one woman he can truly trust, at his side no matter what.

What is Juanita Vanoy Doing Now

Stories say Michael Jordan’s affairs with Amy Hunter and Karla Knafel made their already tumultuous marriage even more so.

And Juanita Vanoy filed for divorce from Michael Jordan in 2002, alleging irreconcilable differences. However, she retracted the petition a few days later. After thereafter, in 2006, she officially filed for divorce for the second time. The Chicago Tribune reported that as of February 2005, the couple no longer shared a residence.

In one of the highest divorce settlements in sports history, Vanoy reportedly earned $168 million, as reported by Chicago Business. It has been alleged that Michael Jordan spent $2.1 million on legal costs. To top it all off, Juanita inherited the family’s seven-acre Chicago estate. Following the split, Juanita took custody of the kids.

Next, on April 27, 2013, Michael Jordan tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. In his union with Yvette Prieto, Jordan signed a prenuptial agreement. Then, on February 11, 2014, Prieto gave birth to a set of twin daughters.

When Juanita Vanoy wasn’t married to Michael, she walked the runway. She began her modeling career when she was a teenager and has since done dozens of gigs. However, she soon realized that the modeling industry wasn’t for her and pursued a different path.

The American Bar Association hired Juanita Vanoy as an executive secretary after that. After putting in some time, she was promoted. In addition, she was a loan officer. Read more: ‘We’re All Very Concerned:’ North Side Residents Meet with CPD Following a Series of Violent Crimes

After her divorce from Michael, Juanita Vanoy did not re-enter the marriage market. Following her divorce, Juanita mostly disappeared from view. Their attention shifted to raising a family and volunteering.

Currently, she is devoted to collecting the works of African American artists. The Chicago-based organization Reel Beauty Inc., which Juanita helps to guide young women in leadership roles, has Juanita on its board of directors. In addition, she helped establish the Michael and Juanita Endowment Fund to aid those in need.

As adults, Juanita and Michael Jordan continue to keep in touch and communicate frequently about their children.

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