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Miranda Lambert Shares Photos in Celebration of the Birthday of His Husband

On Friday (October 14), Miranda Lambert visited social media to wish her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, a happy 31st birthday. She also shared a shirtless image of him to commemorate the occasion.

The country singer took to Instagram to post several photographs of McLoughlin, the first depicting him smiling while shirtless and standing at the doorway of their travel trailer. Following that, images were taken of him smiling alongside Lambert, barbecuing in the great outdoors, sitting on the tailgate of their red pickup truck with some of their numerous dogs, and so on.

“I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my darling @brendanjmcloughlin!” The words that Lambert writes are meant to accompany the photographs. “I am pleased to participate in the celebration of the man who possesses the largest heart and the largest smile. A person with a strong passion for all things related to food, including cooking, golf, animals, physical fitness, sunlight, home, travel, friends, and myself. I adore you so much! #31.”

On the set of Good Morning America in November of 2018, both Lambert and McLoughlin had their first encounter with one another. In October 2019, Lambert shared with the New York Times that she was participating in media appearances at the time to promote the release of the Pistol Annies’ album Interstate Gospel. On that day, her bandmates Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe acted as matchmakers between her and McLoughlin, who was an NYPD cop and was doing security for the TV program.

Miranda Lambert Shares Photos
Miranda Lambert Shares Photos

“My pals, who call themselves the Annies, noticed him and realized I could be open to hanging out with someone new. They invited him to our show without my knowledge or consent, “Lambert remarked. “They picked him out just for me. Tom, my security guard, was complicit in the crime as well. It was he who told me, “He’s here.” And he’s rather handsome.'”

A few months later, on January 26, 2019, Lambert and McLoughlin tied the knot. They didn’t tell anybody about their wedding until shortly after Valentine’s Day when she posted a photo on Instagram and surprised her followers by revealing that she had tied the knot. Read more: Humboldt State Murder Suspect’s $776,300 Award Overturned

In the years that have passed, Lambert has posted several shirtless images of her husband on the internet, and she claims that he doesn’t mind the attention that the pictures attract.

In a feature piece published in March of 2022, she told Rolling Stone, “He loves it, by the way.” “He is enthusiastic about it and believes it would be humorous. Read more: East Kent Hospital Baby Deaths: Reviewing Past Failures in Respect to Death Rates

I responded by saying, ‘God gave you that incredible body. You’re gorgeous. Kindly share this with the rest of the world. Don’t be nasty,’ “she joked.

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