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My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date Seems Canceled! –

My Left Nut is a Northern Irish comedy-drama miniseries directed by Paul Gay. Filmed in Belfast, this television miniseries is based on a stage play by Michael Patrick and Oisin Kearney that bears the same name. Patrick and Kearney also serve as writers for this television series. The material is based on a true story and inspired by Patrick’s teenage years. The series was released on 1 March 2020 on BBC Three in the United Kingdom, then had weekly airings on BBC One. Edited by Natasha Wilkinson, My Left Nut currently has 1 short season with only 3 episodes. 

The company Rollem Productions produced this miniseries for BBC Three with executive producers Kay Mellor and Tommy Bulfin. The story centers around a teen boy who must improvise and adapt in all areas of life after he has a sudden swelling on his left testicle.

My Left Nut won 2 awards at the Royal Television Society Northern Ireland Awards 2020 and 3 more at the Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards 2021, including ‘Best Writing’, ‘Best Drama’ and ‘Best Actor (Nathan Quinn-O’Rawe). 

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My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date

My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date
My Left Nut Season 2

Unfortunately, after the release of season 1, the miniseries My Left Nut has been canceled and will no longer continue to air. Though many found it funny with just enough plot to make it a decent drama, the show has concluded with only 1 season being made.

My Left Nut Season 1 Release Date March 1, 2020
My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date Canceled
My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date

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My Left Nut Season 1 Recap

This drama series follows the story of 15- year old Mick Campbell as he navigates all the aspects of teenage life with his close friends, Conor and Tommy. Tommy, who usually brags about his encounters, tells the boys of his latest one and at the end spills a titbit of advice for self-pleasure. Mick initially assumes he is bluffing but does not want to be the odd guy out in case everyone is doing it and decides to give it a try. This is when he stumbles into an unexpected and unwanted discovery: his left testicle seems to be swelling. Mick is baffled and has no clue on how to deal with such an issue and does his best to ignore it. He tries to focus on the bigger task at hand, his first date with Rachael, a girl Mick has had a crush on for as long as he can remember. That task had its own obstacles since Mick does not have much experience in speaking with women. To make matters worse, the swelling on his testicles seems to be getting bigger.

Mick does his best to hide the situation but things do not go according to plan. The whole school ends up learning of his situation and rumors start to spread. Although there seems to be a slight misconception regarding the “bulge”, which seems to have Tommy and Conor excited, Mick is not too happy about it.

Even rumors of what might have happened on his date start to go around, causing Rachael to think it was Mick who is spreading it. Things spread so much to the point that his sister Lucy and mum find out too, who in turn criticize him. Mick is left stunned and does not know what to do at this point since telling his mum or even a doctor seems like an uncomfortable conversation.

But he eventually does so. He gets an ultrasound to find out what is really happening down there. In the meantime,  thinking the results are going to be grim, Mick decides he will go out to Tommy’s house party and make the night count. This includes what may be his last chance with Rachael. With the appearance of a surprise guest and the party not being how he imagined it, things do not go Mick’s way and ultimately everyone discovers what Mick has been hiding all along.

My Left Nut Season 2 Cast

My Left Nut Season 2 Release Date
My Left Nut Season 2

The cast of this series includes Nathan Quinn-O’Rawe as Michael “Mick” Campbell, Sinead Keenan as Patricia Campbell, Mick’s mother, Jessica Reynolds as Rachael, Levi O’Sullivan as Conor, Oliver Anthony as Tommy, Brian Milligan as Jimmy Campbell, Mick’s dead father, Lola Petticrew as Lucy, Odhran Carlin as Finn, Mick’s brother and Roger Thomson as Doctor Gibbon, Mick’s GP.

Where To Watch My Left Nut?

Season 1 of My Left Nut is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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