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Pennsylvania Police Respond to Active Shooter Fake Calls at Schools

On Wednesday, numerous schools in Pennsylvania had heavy police presence as officials looked into active shooter hoaxes. By 10:18 a.m., Oakland’s Central Catholic and Oakland Catholic high schools received police assistance. No injuries were mentioned in the reports. At no area was there an active shooter.

Additionally, lockdowns at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh were removed. The call of an active shooter, according to school administration, did not originate from within the building. An outside source informed them, triggering their blue alert active shooter drill. When police arrived, they discovered that staff and students were in lockdown.

There was no active shooter, and they made sure no one else was inside the building but the students and faculty who were supposed to be there said acting Police Chief Thomas Stangrecki. They went through each room. For the remainder of the day, Pittsburgh Public Schools said in a statement, “out of an abundance of caution, all PPS schools, offices, and facilities are on a modified lockdown, meaning only current appointments or meetings will be honored.”

Despite appearing to be computer-generated “swatting calls,” state police say the threats are all being taken seriously. “PSP Hollidaysburg and Rockview stations are responding to active shooter threats at local schools that have been called in by telephone. We are treating each incident with standard law enforcement protocols. However, the calls are believed to be computer generated swatting calls,” state police from the Blair and Bedford county areas tweeted.

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State police tweeted: “At this point, all allegations in these calls have been confirmed to be false. We are now investigating a series of phone calls made to 9-1-1 centers concerning threats of an active shooter scenario or bomb threat at PA schools. The inquiry is still being conducted. “County 9-1-1 has received three distinct callers stating that there is an active shooter in three separate schools,” an Allegheny County spokeswoman stated.

In addition, we are aware that allegations of the same nature are being received from schools outside the county. Law enforcement is responding in each case but thinks these are fraudulent reports. There have been no injuries at any schools and no active shooter incidents to date. All reports will be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. Schools in several counties seem to have been touched by this circumstance.

The school was immediately placed on lockdown, and NCPD units were all on the scene within minutes. The campus was subsequently cleared by law enforcement and New Castle Area School District staff, and the lockdown has already been removed, according to New Castle police. In addition, Laurel Highland High School in Fayette County and Hopewell High School in Beaver County also got the same call.

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FBI Pittsburgh released a statement in which it stated that it was “aware of the numerous swatting occurrences where a report of an active shooter at a school is made. Because swatting puts innocent people in danger, the FBI takes it extremely seriously.

The investigation begins in Zone 4, and as it grows, agents will decide whether to file federal or state charges against the offender or offender(s).”It keeps telling us about the periods and days we are living in. To change anything, all of us must take responsibility for one another, and I believe you saw that today, stated Mayor Ed Gainey.


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