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Police: A Woman in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill Neighborhood Was Shot Over an Alleged Parking Disagreement

Overnight, a woman was shot in the Troy Hill section of Pittsburgh over what appears to be a parking issue. Just after midnight, officers from Pittsburgh police were called to the 100 block of Goettmann Street in response to reports of multiple shots being fired.

Police reported that they discovered a woman with gunshot wounds to both of her legs at the location. She was sent to a nearby hospital in a critical state. According to police, the shooting was the result of a parking-related argument.

Police added that they are trying to find a culprit. The Violent Crime Unit is looking into the matter. 11 Investigates update: PennDOT permanently suspends Carvana Bridgeville business. Playoffs Week 1 results: Two males were shot in Pittsburgh‘s Northview Heights area.

A new video captures the moments after a deadly gunshot in Westmoreland County following a high-speed chase. Install the Channel 11 News app to receive breaking news notifications. Police are investigating a carjacking attempt that resulted in a lady being taken to the hospital in northwest Atlanta.

Two suspects allegedly approached a woman in her automobile while she was stopped at a stop sign on Lookout Avenue, according to police. They allegedly waved a gun around. After the woman attempted to flee, according to police, a suspect pulled out a revolver and started shooting. Police in northwest Atlanta is looking into a shooting and attempted carjacking.

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