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Police: Impaired Driver Caused Crash That Killed Round Lake Man, Son

Police: Impaired Driver Caused Crash That Killed Round Lake Man, Son. Officials believe an impaired driver was to blame for a car accident that occurred on Wednesday in Round Lake Beach. The accident claimed the lives of a man from Round Lake and his son, who was 5 years old. Other family members were injured.

According to statements made by Round Lake Beach police on Thursday afternoon, the motorist, identified as Adam Peregrin, 41, from Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, has been charged with two counts of reckless homicide and 15 counts of severe DUI.

The names of the deceased man and youngster have not been made public by the police. According to the reports filed by the police, the accident took place when Peregrin, who was driving a truck at the time, crossed the center line of Route 83 near Lexington Drive in Round Lake Beach and collided with the vehicle in which the man, his son, and other members of the family were traveling.

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According to the police, investigations conducted at the site revealed that Peregrin was operating a vehicle while under the influence of a prohibited narcotic. He was arrested and sent to the Lake County jail, and that is where he is currently being held. Peregrin would have to make a cash bond of one hundred thousand dollars in order to be released while his case is pending.

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