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Rasputia Latimore: Biography, Personality& More

Rasputia Latimore is Norbit’s main enemy. She is Norbit’s arch-rival and ex-wife, the leader, boss, and younger sister of Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl, and Kate’s arch-rival.

Rasputia Latimore Biography

Rasputia is a grossly fat, annoying, foul-smelling woman. Although she is married to Norbit, she frequently cheats on him with Buster. Two twins decided to torment Norbit on the playground when he was in elementary school.

Rasputia was introduced at this point, and while the bullies pounced on Norbit, Rasputia spotted his vulnerability and chose to prey on him herself by “protecting” him. As time passed, she determined she would be Norbit’s sole bully; nonetheless, she sees this as a way of protecting him.

He went to her house and she and her brothers became family, later on, they got married her brother big blackjack Latimore threatened to kill Norbert if he ever upset rasputia so Norbert said ok I will not hurt rasputia and then he married her then they were a bit happy kinda then he got a bit sad cuz rasputia was sort of rude and insensitive if you get what I mean and then he found her having sex Rasputia was very angry at Norbert, so she tried to kill him while he was at church, but it didn’t work, so she locked him in the basement.

Rasputia Latimore Personality

Rasputia Latimore

Rasputia is cruel, selfish, cold, heartless, greedy, mad, arrogant, deceptive, stubborn, lazy, disrespectful, and all-around evil. Rasputia has a power-hungry mentality because she chose Norbit as a victim as a child and has since been dominating in all aspects of his life.

She is cunning and manipulative because she came up with the concept of turning the orphanage into a strip club and had her brothers Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl (whom she also likes to manipulate) carry it out. Rasputia is a jealous person, as proven by her observation of Norbit with Kate. Later, when Rasputia forced Blue to tell her where Norbit was, she lost her rage and immediately went driving around town looking for him, eventually passing out when she saw Norbit and Kate kissing in church.

After waking up and breaking out of her car, she grabs a crowbar and hurries into the church to kill Norbit, only to be foiled when the building is empty. This also demonstrates her hypocrisy, as she cheated on Norbit with her dance teacher despite denying it.

Rasputia has a monstrous side, going so far as to hit Lloyd with her car just because he was staring at her. Rasputia has grown more bossy and reckless since Kate entered Norbit’s life. Rasputia’s fury and craziness get the best of her at the end of the film when she fights her way through the crowd at the church with a spade and tries to kill Norbit with it for foiling her plot, only to be defeated when Mr. Wong spears her with a curtain rod, forcing her to drop the spade and flee.

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