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Man Accused With Raping Perth Youngster in Suburban Park: All Details of Allegations

It was revealed in Fremantle Court that the man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at an oval in a southern Perth suburb had planned a meeting with the girl using the messaging app Telegram. The alleged incident took place at the oval.

The court was told that Aaron Alexander Foley, 26, from Thornlie, had given himself to police on Sunday morning after being accused of sexually assaulting the girl at an oval in Atwell on Thursday evening. The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday evening.

He appeared in Fremantle Magistrates Court today, where he was charged with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one count of attempted sexual penetration without permission. All of these charges were brought against him.

The prosecutor for the state told the court that Mr. Foley did not know the girl but that he had corresponded with her using the encrypted messaging app Telegram after viewing advertising she had posted. They had made plans to meet in person for sexual activity in exchange for money.

The Girl Who Was “Frozen in Dread.”

The court was informed that the girl had taken a train to Aubin Grove on Thursday evening and that Mr. Foley had picked her up from a shopping center nearby.

He then showed her his money when they were at Harmony Oval, which he had driven her to.

The police prosecutor said in court that the accused victim of the sexual assault was terrified and “froze in panic” during the alleged incident of sexual assault.

He stated that Mr. Foley had driven away after abandoning the woman there by herself.

The police argued against Mr. Foley’s release on bail, stating that even though he did not have a prior criminal history, there was a “risk to the community of additional offending” and that he had attempted to delete data from the Telegram app.

The court heard that Mr. Foley exhibited “erratic” behavior following the event and had left his house for the whole night after seeing his automobile on the television.

The Man “Believed She Was 18 Years Old.”

However, Mr. Foley’s attorney has stated that his client said he did not know the girl was 16 years old and that he erased a discussion on Telegram not to hide the fact that they had met but “simply because he didn’t want a record” of it.

Man Accused With Raping Perth Youngster in Suburban Park
Man Accused With Raping Perth Youngster in Suburban Park

He told the judge, “Certainly, he was unhappy about what had transpired.”

He said that this was an isolated occurrence.

He stated that Mr. Foley did not wish to interact with a person aged 16.

Mr. Press stated in court that the defendant “believed she was 18.”

It was challenging to understand where “lack of consent comes in,” he added, because Mr. Foley had answered an ad on Telegram. Thus it did not constitute “grooming behavior.”

The allegations were “without a doubt” quite severe, according to Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright, and included a young individual.

Mr. Foley was given an overnight curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., and the judge ordered him to appear in court on November 22.

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