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Rep. Haley Stevens is Divorcing and Relocating to Birmingham

Rep. Haley Stevens of Alabama, a member of the United States House of Representatives, stated on Thursday for the Free Press that she is getting a divorce from her husband after nearly a year of marriage and that she has relocated to Birmingham.

Stevens, a Democrat who is 39 years old, is standing for reelection in the new 11th Congressional District, which is concentrated in Oakland County. If elected, he will serve a third term of two years. U.S. Representative Andy Levin, a Democrat who represented Bloomfield Township, was her opponent in the campaign for the party’s nomination in the predominantly Democratic district, which she won in August.

In a statement, she was quoted as saying “Rob, my husband, and I have made the difficult decision to break our marriage after giving it a lot of thought and consideration. At the end of the summer, we came to the conclusion that our relationship was not healthy for either of us, and we both want what is best for the other. As we both move forward, we ask that you accept our need for solitude during this time.”

Rep. Haley Stevens is Divorcing

In September of last year, she tied the knot with Rob Gulley, a software architect whom she had known since they were both in high school. Together, they bought a house in Waterford Township. It has been reported that Representative Haley Stevens is ending her marriage to her spouse and making the announcement just a few short weeks after the one anniversary of their union.

In a statement sent on Wednesday to The Detroit News, the Democratic state senator from Michigan said, “After great thinking and discussion, my husband Rob and I have decided to end our marriage.” Stevens, who is 39 years old, described the couple’s choice to divorce as “a joint decision” that they arrived at “around the end of the summer.”

In September of the previous year, the politician tied the knot with Rob Gulley, who was employed as a software engineer. Although they were classmates in high school, Stevens said that she reconnected with Gulley years later after calling him as part of a fundraising pitch for her congressional candidacy.

Gulley was also a classmate of Stevens. Elle magazine once published an article chronicling the couple’s love story in which it stated that Stevens “discovered love in a hopeless place: fundraising for Congress.” Stevens is now competing for her third term in the House of Representatives.

The request for a statement from ITK was not immediately returned by a representative for Stevens. In a statement, Stevens said, “We hope nothing but the best for each other” and asked for “privacy during this time as we both move ahead.” Visit The Hill for the most recent information on the weather, sports, and news, as well as streaming video.

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