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Sweetwater Football Wins a ‘brave’ Overtime Victory Over Midland Greenwood

Sweetwater’s defense came up with two important late stops, which the offense converted into scores in a 36-30 overtime win over Midland Greenwood on Friday. With seven minutes remaining, the Mustangs (5-1 overall, 2-0 district) trailed 27-22. Midland Greenwood (3-3, 1-1) was stopped on fourth-and-2 to gain the ball back. Leo Holsey converted the opportunity into points with a 62-yard touchdown throw to Harrison Foster, his third of the game, to put the Panthers up 30-27.

It was the defense again after a Rangers field goal took the game into overtime. It was fourth-and-1 from the 6-yard line this time, and there was no room for Greenwood’s rushing back. Holsey would then take it himself from 4 yards out for the game-winning touchdown.

Sweetwater’s Harrison Foster (4) celebrates after recovering a fumble in the end zone for a score against Midland Greenwood on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020, at the Mustang Bowl. Sweetwater head coach Ben McGehee remarked, “They made the plays early.” “They made the plays that stopped us from cruising in the first half.” Then, in the end, we made the plays that allowed us to come back and win. Incredible game.”

The Mustangs had opportunities to take control of the game in the first half. Sweetwater got the game’s first drive inside the 10 but turned it over on downs. The following drive got to the 2-yard line before being called back. The first half’s final two possessions ended in an interception and a punt.

The second half was a completely different story. Holsey scored from 34 yards out for a 22-14 advantage after another defensive touchdown. Then, with the game on the line, Foster delivered a third time. Sweetwater running back Cedrick Brown (30) runs the ball against Midland Greenwood at the Mustang Bowl on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020.

Sweetwater Football Wins a 'brave' Overtime Victory

On defense, he had already scored twice, recovering a fumble in the end zone and returning an interception for a touchdown. Foster came through again when the game was down by five points and needed a huge play.

“He’s a fantastic player,” remarked McGehee. “He’s a fantastic defensive player, and that’s where he began.” He was a starter at safety for us last year. This year, we’ll be able to incorporate him into the offense. He has a lot of speed, and he’s faster than people believe. He’s long, so he causes problems for opponents, and he simply made a great play when we needed it.”

Holsey’s night was up and down. He threw two interceptions and fumbled one, but he also passed for 238 yards and a score, as well as three two-point conversions, passes. He also had a team-high 77 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

Despite not having his finest night, the junior quarterback produced huge plays when it counted. “He didn’t play his finest game, for sure, and he knows it, and he was a little disappointed with himself,” McGehee said. “However, he produced several fantastic plays down the stretch that resulted in the victory.” … The child is a competitor, and no matter what, he’ll give you all he’s got.”

The Sweetwater defense had a similar narrative. Midland Greenwood gained over 500 yards and four touchdowns on the ground. However, the Mustangs intercepted two passes, recovered a fumble, and scored twice.

“They’ve been courageous all year,” McGehee added. “We stopped in Boerne, and we stopped in Snyder last week.” We’re a solid short-yardage squad, and our youngsters do an excellent job of bending their heads and getting to work. I believe it comes down to effort; when you get to fourth-and-1s, it’s all about will and having more will than the opposing team.”

There is still a lot more football to be played, but the Mustangs have overcome their toughest challenge: being the two-time reigning district champion. “That win doesn’t guarantee you a district title; you have to play again next week,” McGehee added. “You don’t go play next week; you hand it back to these folks despite winning.” So, I think we’ll come out focused because that gold ball is something our kids truly desire. I believe our children will be really driven to work.”

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