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Why Tom Hardy s*xuality is Questioned? It is True or a Rumor, Biography, Achievements and Some More Details About Him

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Biography of Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is an English Actor, screenwriter, and producer, Born on 15 September 1977. His full name is Edward Thomas Hardy. Thomas’s birthplace is the Hammersmith district of London. He is a single child of both of his parents. His father is an artist and painter Anne and Novelist and comedy writer Edward “Chips” Hardy. His journey was starting from went to acting school to studying acting, and after learning acting he put his foot in the Hollywood industry as a film debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down in 2001. After achieving a lot of success and doing great work he gets a vital amount of awards and achievements.

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In the beginning, Hardy went to the Tower House School, Reed’s School, and Duff Miller Sixth Form Collage. Later for studying acting he went to Richmond Drama School and after that Drama Center London. During his acting school journey, Hardy appeared in many Drama competitions which were held in his school.


In 1998, At the age of 21, Harry won The Big Breakfast’s Find me a supermodel competition. Hardy starts his career with his feature film debut in Ridley Scott’s war thriller Black Hawk Down in 2001. During this year he also appeared as a Rapper and hip-hop producer with his friend. Then in 2002 Hardy appeared as the Raman Praetor Shinzon, a clone of USS Enterprise captain Jean- Luc Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis. Hardy also works in Horror films after returning from the United Kingdom.

In 2003, Harry was nominated for many awards including  London Evening Standard Theater Award for outstanding newcomer for his performance in Blood and in Arabia, We’d All Be Kings which was performed at the Royal Court Theater and Hampstead Theatre. Hardy was also nominated for a 2004 Laurence Oliver Award for most promising Newcomer of 2003. Later Hardy appeared in many web series including The Virgin Queen as Robert Dudley, and A For Andromeda in the BBC Four adaption of the  1960s science fiction. Later in 2007, he appeared in BBC Two’s drama based on a true story, Stuart: A Life Backwards, and also he played Bill Sikes in the BBC mini-series Oliver Twist, Later in 2008 February appeared as a Drug addicted rapist in a British horror thriller, in September same year he appeared as a London Gangster film RocknRolla. Hardy appeared in a lot of movies, series, and horror films.

Later in 2018, Harry was featured in the film Venom as a lead role for the title comic book sometime hero, Eddie Brock, and the Symbiote Venom.

After his great work in the film industry, In 2010 Harry became an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust

Some more details about Tom Hardy

Hardy has divorced his wife who was a producer Sarah Ward. They both have a son in 2008, They both separated in 2009. Later Hardy met with an actress Charlotte Riley on the set of Wuthering Heights. They both are in a relationship and get married in July 2014. They have two children, the first one is born on 2015 October, and the second was born in 2018 December. Later Hardy suffered from Dysthymia Because of his disease he was very used to alcohol and drugs, and even said that he was out of control.

About his Questioned Sexuality

At a press conference in Toronto, a question is asked by a reporter from Hardy. In the legend movie, “your character was very open about sexuality”

Hardy has been clear in the media for many years he is heterosexual, this statement has made a fire on headlines in past. But Hardy answered all the questions perfectly.

Hardy said it is very normal to talk about sexuality. what is embarrassing about being gay? This question also very normal or equivalent to asking if he or she is they are married. Never judge a person because of his sexuality. It is a very personal question and nobody like to tell about their personal life.

The reason behind this question is after clearing Hardy’s sexual life, people don’t want to grow up with their minds. They just don’t want to accept that there is no doubt about homosexuality. Even if you asked someone if he or she is gay they don’t feel bad about themselves or about you.

Generally, it seems that gay people are very open-minded and straightforward people, and they are happy to tell you about themself.


All the plot of this Question “is Tom Hardy gay”. It is because of his past statement, Media make it a very vital topic for gossiping, In 2008 when Hardy lays a Gay man role in a movie, British gay lifestyle magazine Attitude quoted him saying “I have played with everything and everyone”. Later Hardy said that he had sex with a man and it was just an accident. After all of this, it is basically going to happen. Tats why the reporters asked about Hardy’s Sexual Orientation.

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