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Why Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up?

Rumor has it that Jairus and Acacia Kersey have divorced — and that she is pregnant again. Acacia Kersey has returned to social media after a hiatus in 2021. Fans now believe she and Jairus divorced. Is that correct Rumors are circulating. That Jairus and Acacia Kersey Split — and She’s Pregnant Again.

Acacia Kersey (née Brinley), an actress and influencer, has had her fair share of controversy over the years. Acacia rose to prominence as its girl on Tumblr. However, as her fan base increased, many people began to notice that she was plagiarising stuff from other writers. Not only that, but after some of her old tweets reappeared, followers accused her of being racist. Acacia quickly become the girl everyone despised.

She stated her intention to step away from social media in October 2021. According to Buzzfeed, she said in her now-deleted Instagram post, “Time to move on. The disadvantages of becoming an influencer eventually outweigh the benefits.” “This role has done an enormous amount of damage to me, my relationships, my financial security, and my worldview,” she concluded.

Acacia maintained her word and exited the internet. However, she reappeared on social media in late 2022. Fans are attempting to catch up on her life now that she has returned. It’s been reported that she and her spouse, Jairus Kersey, divorced. Is that correct? Here’s what we know so far.

Acacia Brinley And Jairus Kersey Break Up?

Acacia gathered some of her moments over the past year in a TikTok video posted on December 7 to show followers what she had been up to. “There has been a lot of joy and a lot of grief while I’ve been away. “I’m just glad to be here,” she said in the post.

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The video depicted her hiatus’ highs and lows. Acacia was seen both delighted and in tears by viewers. Many Twitter users speculated earlier this year that Acacia and Jairus had split up. These suspicions were bolstered by a comment Acacia made in response to one of her TikTok fans. “Hello Mrs.,” one fan wrote on her video. “More like Ms,” Acacia replied.

Why Did Acacia and Jairus Break Up

Is Acacia Expecting Her Fourth Child Right Now?

Brinley, Rosemary, and Cali are Acacia and Jairus Kersey’s three children. On November 17, an account purporting to be Acacia tweeted that she has another baby on the way. Fans inquired as to whether the baby’s father was Jarius, but the account never responded.

On Reddit, fans speculated on the reasons why Acacia and Jairus might have divorced. According to one user, the couple was drifting apart, so she became pregnant with their first child to try to save the relationship. Others argued that Acacia had no right to have two more children after that, given that she could barely handle one. Some said that Acacia was financially dependent on Jairus.

Jairus Cheated On Acacia?

There is no proof that Jairus cheated on Acacia, although there is significant conjecture. Jairus was betrothed to another woman when he first met Acacia. He had an affair with Acacia.

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