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Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up?

After 15 years together, popular YouTube couple Simon and Martina have surprised their audience by revealing that they will no longer be a pair. Is there any chance for those of us who are left? The pair, who have over 1.3 million followers on their YouTube channel, recently announced on Instagram that they are going their own ways. They have turned off the comments section on the Instagram post so that their supporters are unable to comment on the matter publicly.

Who Are Simon And Martina And What Do They Do?

Simon and Martina are well-known YouTubers from Canada. They launched their channel in 2008, and it currently has more than 1.3 million subscribers. Eat Your Kimchi was the initial name of the channel, which was used by the former couple to document their lives in South Korea and, later, Tokyo by posting videos of various cuisines and discussing the cultural contrasts between the two locations to their big fan base.

The pair maintained a joint Instagram account on which they posted pictures of their exciting and adventurous lifestyle. They had gathered more than 290 thousand followers on that account. After posting a picture of two separate roads on their respective social media accounts the day before, the couple broke their silence on their breakup today with a heartfelt message in which they expressed their gratitude to the community for showing them respect despite their decision to part ways and talked about how excited they are for the new roads that lie ahead of them.

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It would appear that they have parted ways on amicable terms and that they would like their fans to be as supportive of them as they have been of each other. The news of the YouTube couple’s breakup left their audience members in utter disbelief, and many of them resorted to other social media sites to express their sorrow.

Fans of Simon and Martina may feel sad about the couple’s decision to end their relationship, but they will continue to be there for both of them no matter where their newly independent lives take them. This Twitter user freely acknowledges that their separation has caused her more emotional distress than the split of her own parents.

It is safe to assume that all fans of the couple are experiencing the same emotions with regard to the cute couple’s announcement because one user has used a gif to illustrate how they feel about the announcement. This Twitter user can’t help but be overcome with melancholy as she reveals how unhappy she is that the couple that she has watched for years and years is no longer together. The nostalgia and the memories are just too much for her.

Why Did Simon and Martina Break Up

Why Did Simon And Martina Break Up?

While Martina was battling her sickness, Simon revealed that he was attempting to undertake more weight training so that as Martina became older, he would be able to assist her with mobility concerns if her condition worsened. Many viewers who had been following them for a decade were taken aback by their breakup.

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