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An Alleged Road Rage Gunshot Led to the Arrest of the Mayor of Oregon

Following a road rage incident on Monday evening, the mayor of a small town in rural Oregon is being accused of trying to kill someone. Rufus Mayor Dowen Jones, according to the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, was detained on Tuesday for reportedly firing multiple rounds from a revolver at a passing car near Parkdale, according to a report by KPTV.

According to deputies, two adults and two children were following an SUV that was driving erratically on Highway 281 at 8:45 p.m. The SUV then stopped unexpectedly. According to deputies, the family’s car slowed down to gather a description to provide to police, but Jones got out and discharged the firearm at the family’s car, causing damage. Nobody was harmed.

A federal court in Arizona Salem limited the activities of poll observers Health nurse is being investigated for mocking a patient in a video. Teenagers in Washington facing three murder charges may give birth before the trial is through.

The longest-running brewery in Ventura County has closed down after an alleged fraternity hazing incident hospitalized a UNR student. If Jones has a lawyer to speak on his behalf, that information was not immediately available. Deputies from the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office located Jones in Rufus on Tuesday and apprehended him after identifying him as the shooter’s suspect.

In The Dalles, Jones was booked into the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections on one count of attempted murder and four charges of attempted assault in the first degree. East of Portland, near the Columbia River, is a small community called Rufus.

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