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Are George and Cindy Anthony Still Together?

Casey Anthony has recently reemerged in the public eye, which raises the question of what has become of her parents in the intervening six years after she was exonerated in the death of her only child, Caylee. Their 31-year-old daughter was charged with murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, but she was ultimately found not guilty of the crime.

This brought George and Cindy Anthony, the couple’s parents, into the public front. In her first interview after the verdict was handed down, the “Most Hated Woman in America” appeared to accuse her father of being responsible for the death of the young child.

*To view this video, you will need to have cookies enabled. “After years of silence, Casey Anthony has once again pointed to her father as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter Caylee,” George’s attorney Mark Lippman said in a statement to Inside Edition.

The statement was made in response to Casey Anthony’s latest allegations that her father was involved in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter Caylee. “[He] was vindicated on several occasions; nonetheless, [he] is once again forced to relive the hints, rumors, lies, and claims.” Even more, pain is being caused to him by this. Continue reading to learn more about Casey’s parents and how they are currently getting along with each other.

Are George and Cindy Anthony Still Together?

George and Cindy are still married to each other despite the widespread belief that they had separated.

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Where Can Casey Anthony’s Parents Be Found At This Time?

Following the conclusion of the murder trial, the couple maintained a low profile, but it would appear that they are still residing in Florida. As a result of the struggles they’ve been through over the past six years, Radar Online reports that they were required to sell one of their homes in Mount Dora, Florida, for the price of $85,000.

Are George and Cindy Anthony Still Together

Does Casey Anthony Keep In Contact With Her Mother, Father?

Since Casey testified during her trial that her father had sexually abused her as a child, her parents, George and Cindy, have had no contact with her. These accusations have been categorically rejected by George.

What Role Did Casey Anthony’s Parents Play In The Events That Led To Her Death?

After Cindy and her husband went to pick up Casey’s abandoned car in July 2008 and felt it smelled like a decomposing body, they were the first people to phone 911 and report Caylee missing. Cindy was the first person to report Caylee missing. At that point, it had been 31 days since Caylee had been seen by anyone. The skeletal bones of the young girl were discovered in a forested location close to the residence of the family around six months after Cindy had placed the call.

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