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This Past November, a Shooting Occurred in Hollywood, and the Suspect, a$ap Rocky, Was Charged With Criminal Assault With a Handgun!

Rapper ASAP Rocky was charged with assault with a firearm on Monday by the Los Angeles district attorney in connection with a shooting that occurred in November in Hollywood.

His true name is Rakim Mayers, but he goes by the handle “Rocky,” and he has been charged with two counts of assault with a semiautomatic handgun. On Wednesday he will appear in a courthouse in downtown Los Angeles for his arraignment.

When announcing the charges, District Attorney George Gascón said, “Discharging a gun in a public location is a severe violation that could have ended in disastrous consequences not only for the individual targeted but also for innocent onlookers visiting Hollywood.” After reviewing the material, my staff came to the conclusion that a particular firearm allegation should be added to the charges.

We tried to get a statement from Mayers, but she was unavailable at the time.

State’s Attorney General’s Office claims that rapper brandished a semiautomatic weapon and threatened the victim. Prosecutors claim that he pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and fired two shots at the victim during a subsequent dispute between the two parties. A small injury was inflicted onto the sufferer.


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Terell Ephron, formerly known as ASAP Relli, filed a lawsuit against Mayers for assault and violence, negligence, and emotional distress in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week. Former member of the ASAP Mob, a hip-hop crew from New York City’s Harlem that founded in 2006.

The lawsuit claims that following an argument, Mayers “took out a handgun and purposely pointed it in the direction of [Ephron] and fired multiple bullets.” The two had agreed to meet to talk things out. The lawsuit claims that a considerable chunk of the incident was captured on film, and that Ephron was “hit by bullet projectile/fragments,” requiring medical attention.

Asap Rocky Jail

After arresting Mayers in connection with the shooting, Los Angeles police executed a search warrant and discovered numerous guns inside his residence.

Authorities said Mayers was arrested on April 20 as he stepped off a private jet at Los Angeles International Airport after returning from Barbados. He and singer Rihanna, who just gave birth to their first child, were on vacation in the Caribbean.

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