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Officers Looking For 2 Inmates Who Escaped From Contra Costa County Jail

The sheriff’s office said two prisoners who had escaped from the Marsh Creek Detention Facility in Clayton were being looked for on Sunday in Contra Costa County.

Gerardo Ramirez-Vera, who is 33 and from Richmond, and Jorge Garcia-Escamilla, who is 28 and from Pittsburg, were both reported missing at around 11:20 a.m.

Ramirez-Vera was found guilty of having a gun, breaking into a house, and destroying property. He was supposed to get out of jail during the first week of January 2023. He was in jail because he was accused of stealing a car, having a stolen car, having tools used to break into a house, and having drugs on him. He was supposed to go to court in three weeks.

Both men now face felony charges of escaping a county jail and could go to state prison if found guilty.

At 12000 Marsh Creek Road in Clayton, MCDF is a minimum-security prison for people who have been sentenced or are facing lower-level charges that would likely lead to a local sentence.

When the men went missing, an emergency count was conducted, and a thorough search of the building and the area around it was conducted. Law enforcement agencies in the area were told, and people were warned.

When they ran away, both men were wearing all white or all yellow. Residents of Clayton were told to lock their homes and cars and not try to talk to the inmates if they saw them. Call (925) 646-2441 to report any suspicious people to the sheriff’s office dispatch.

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