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The Divorce of Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin is Finalized!

MINIAMO (AP) — Redacted court documents made public on Thursday show that a judge in Minnesota granted a divorce settlement between the officer and his wife, who was the former Minneapolis police officer who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Even though a previous arrangement had handed most of the couple’s assets to Chauvin’s wife, Washington County District Judge Juanita Freeman dismissed the agreement and delayed the divorce until Tuesday. The judge noted that the concentration of wealth in the hands of one individual might indicate deception.


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Although Freeman did not reveal the specifics of the first settlement offer, he did write that Kellie Chauvin would have received all of the couple’s assets, including the equity in their two homes, their savings and checking accounts, and Derek’s pension and retirement funds. Experts in the law have suggested that her refusal of that offer fuels speculation that the Chauvin’s are hiding something to keep hold of their wealth.

Derek Chauvin is being sued by Floyd’s heirs and has been charged with murder and manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s death on May 25. After her husband’s arrest, Kellie Chauvin decided to pursue a divorce on May 31.

Derek Chauvin Divorce

A potential settlement was made public last month, and it would have given Kellie Chauvin the title to their destroyed Florida property and the net earnings from their devalued Oakdale home. In addition to dividing their assets and liabilities, the Star Tribune stated that they intended to do so financially. In the deal, Kellie Chauvin would have gotten about $703,718, while Derek Chauvin would have received $420,768.

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It’s unclear how that offer stacks up against the agreement that was reached on Tuesday. On Thursday, Kellie Chauvin’s lawyer, Amanda Mason-Sekula, did not respond to a message left with her office. In the divorce case, Derek Chauvin acted as his own attorney.

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