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East Bay Woman Prison for 7 Years, for Responsibility in Inmate Overdose Death

East Bay Woman Prison:  was given a seven-year jail term for her role in the distribution of fentanyl that led to the death of another inmate at the Santa Rita Jail, according to federal authorities.

San Leandro resident Kameron Patricia Reid, 38, pled guilty in June to two charges of fentanyl distribution. The United States Attorney’s Office stated in a sentencing letter that between April 23, 2021, when Reid was arrested, and May 20, 2021, when she was released, she distributed the narcotic to many convicts who she secreted in her vagina.

When Reid gave pink fentanyl to two detainees on May 15, it had minimal impact. Prosecutors claim that the next day, Reid supplied them with white fentanyl, which she called the “big dog.”

According to the memorandum, when one of the convicts overdosed, Reid did not notify the proper authorities for fear of repercussions.

Prosecutors described her actions as “callous, selfish, and cruel” since she did not admit fault and seek assistance.

East Bay Woman Prison
East Bay Woman Prison

When another inmate finally called for help, it was already too late for the overdose victim. The document claims Reid hid her role in the killing from authorities and flushed the leftover fentanyl down the toilet. Read also: UWEC Police Investigation, a Fatal Accident That Occurred Near the Campus

Following his arrest in April, Reid accepted a plea deal that reduced his potential sentence to seven or eight years in jail. Authorities say Reid tested positive for fentanyl after claiming she was clean from narcotics for six months when she pleaded guilty in June. Read also: Experimental Alzheimer Drug, Reportedly Contributed to Research Participant’s Death

Ann McGlenon, who represented Reid in court, stated in a submission for sentence, “Ms. Reid agreed to the entry of the plea even though she cannot withdraw the plea and the government may.” Before entering her amended plea, she had been abusing drugs out of shame, regret, and worry and had done so while knowing that doing so may lead to her re-incarceration in Santa Rita.

Since June 13, when he voluntarily turned himself in, Reid has spent 23 of every 24 hours in solitary confinement. After serving her seven-year jail term, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar further mandated that Reid be under supervision for three more years. Reid’s jail time has begun immediately. Read also: Cholera Reached Haiti, Leading to a Major Humanitarian Crisis

Approximately 58 inmates have died in the Santa Rita Jail since 2014, as stated by McGlenon in her memo. The defense lawyer said that Reid is “not the root of the problems” at the prison and that he is the only one being charged in connection with any fatalities that have occurred there.

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