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Jane Garvey Claims That Being a Working Mother Has Made Her a Better Parent: ‘I Had More Patience’

“Juggling childcare and a career” sounds like a Woman’s Hour topic. Jane Garvey, a former host, is an easy example. The 58-year-old discloses this on Yahoo UK’s podcast White Wine Question Time. “I was patient.” Garvey hosted Woman’s Hour for 13 years, covering health, education, culture, and politics.

Jane Garvey Argues That She Is A Better Mother Since She Works Outside The home. “I Wish I’d Had More Patience”

She worked three days a week at Woman’s Hour. “On a few occasions, I interviewed the Prime Minister in the morning and was at school pick-up at 3:30.’ Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall talks with Rona Fairhead and Jane Garvey at a reception and recording at Buckingham Palace on December 13, 2016, in London, England. The power list will be announced at the reception, but the names are embargoed until 00.01 on Dec. 14.

Jane Garvey has interviewed Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, among others. Garvey cites her children’s lack of interest in her career as grounding her in those days. “The youngster walks out of school sweating, wearing someone else’s spectacles, wet clothes, and eating chips. She remembers they got two spelling errors. “You’re back in their world, and that’s all that matters – what you did at work that morning doesn’t matter.”

Today, her two girls are adults, and she has no regrets. Garvey was able to play at the pop-up post office on days she wasn’t working since she knew she’d be working the next day. It was worth it. Jane Garvey and Fi Glover explore changing occupations in their 50s.

Jane Garvey Claims That Being a Working Mother Has Made Her a Better Parent 'I Had More Patience'

As her career soars, Garvey says the family is her rock. “I live with a horrible rescue cat, one child permanently, and the other going to university.” She described her family as “somewhat weird but functionally doolally ladies.” Seeing her 88-year-old mother use emoticons with her kids was a thrill. “She makes many smiles”

“It’s a wonderfully bland life,” Garvey adds. “I’m probably too happy.” Adrian Chiles attends the 2018 Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards in London on November 29. From 1998-2009, Garvey was married to presenter Adrian Chiles. They have 2 kids.

Warmth, wit, and relatability gain Garvey millions of listeners. In 2017, she began the award-winning podcast, Fortunately… with Fi and Jane. The pair discuss menstruation, HRT patches, and Taylor Swift. 30 million downloads followed sell-out gigs and a best-selling book.

Garvey: “We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not” We’re truthful. False. We do.” Integrity is another reason. Garvey challenged the BBC for wage equality in 2017 with female colleagues. “I honestly thought at that point they couldn’t sack the Women’s Hour presenter for saying she thought women and men should be paid equally because that’s what the BBC underpaid me to think,” she said.

Jane Garvey feels she’s a better parent for working. Fi Glover and Jane Garvey attend the 2019 British Podcast Awards in London.  Garvey’s pleasure was seeing the issue reach “a considerably broader” readership. She says, “You want Asda to pay women as much as men.” “Absurd.”

Garvey informed Thornton she could have stayed at the BBC until “70.” At 58, she’s beginning a new chapter thanks to an unexpected invitation from Times Radio to present a new afternoon radio show and podcast. She found it “hugely flattering.” This phase of life is marked by indecision, terror, and insecurity, she explains. “So when someone says, ‘You two are good, and we think we could accomplish something with you,’ it gives you a huge boost, doesn’t it?”

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