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Lesley Beador divorce: David’s wife is divorcing, After David’s supposed firing

Lesley Beador said in a since-deleted Instagram post, “While this is not what I expected, it’s best.”

David and Lesley Beador are divorcing.
One week after Lesley said David was withdrawing his divorce application, the mother of three announced on Instagram that she was ending their 23-month marriage.

Lesley, 38, announced her divorce on social media, saying it was for the best.

Lesley and David married in Kentucky on October 15, 2020. Their 19-month-old is Anna Love Beador. She has two stepchildren.

“I cherish myself and my children’s happiness,” she wrote. I’m glad for my friends and family. Looking forward to a good future with my kids.”

The newspaper has reportedly spoken with David and his attorney, Michael J. Monarch. Lesley was contacted.

David sought to divorce Lesley on September 15, his wedding anniversary with Shannon.

David cited irreconcilable disagreements in court filings obtained by PEOPLE. He wanted joint physical and legal custody of their daughter and highlighted a prenup for wealth division following divorce.

David requested dismissal when Lesley posted on Instagram.

A court spokeswoman told PEOPLE that non-urgent petitions won’t be processed until online court records are updated.

The Beadors revealed their partnership in January 2018 and live between Orange County and Park City, Utah (where David lives).

Shannon was reportedly “blindsided” by David’s new romance. After 17 years of marriage, the couple parted in September 2017.

Lesley Beador divorce
Lesley Beador divorce

Lesley’s relationship with David was Instagram-public. On Nov. 9, 2019, she published a naked photo of them, which made the news.
Andy Cohen called David’s thirst traps “the worst ever seen”

Shannon’s children Sophie, 21, Stella, 18, and Adeline, 18, witnessed it at school, she informed the BravoCon gathering. They were frightened. Read this: Folsom California Divorce Attorney: Explain Briefly!

David disagrees. He told PEOPLE, “My kids phoned and we giggled at Lesley’s selfies.” Shannon speaks a lot about me and my life. She needs peanut butter and jelly.

In January 2020, Lesley announced David’s engagement. After divorcing Shannon, he proposed nine months later.

Lezlie will marry in two years. She posted a selfie with a shirtless David on Instagram. She published a snapshot of her then-fiancé and his huge diamond with the phrase “Looking forward to eternity with my love.” I LOVE YOU!!

David told PEOPLE, “Lesley and I are happy to get engaged.” “After Miami, we’re heading to the Super Bowl.”

PEOPLE reported their baby’s birth in July 2020. 5 February 2021 brought daughter, Anna Love. Another couple has divorce: Linturi-Kitana Divorce: Here Are All the ‘puzzling’ Claims Made in Court

Shannon tried to make up with David by bringing them a gift for Anna Love, but it failed. Shannon said Leslie refused the gift and they had no connection. On Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM radio show in March 2021, she said Lesley refused the present and there was no relationship between them.

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