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Lori Vallow Daybell Has How Many Husbands?

Netflix has been the home of real crime documentaries in recent years, with an ever-expanding catalog that includes must-see programs like Making A Murderer, Night Stalker, and Tiger King. Sins Of Our Mother, the streamer’s most recent true crime entry, relates the story of Lori Vallow Daybell, her husband Chad Daybell, and the disappearance of their two children. Lori has been married several times throughout the docuseries, but how many husbands has she had?

Sins Of Our Mother will be available on Netflix on September 15, 2022. The three-part series follows Lori and her children, Tylee Ryan and Joshua Jackson “JJ” Vallow when they go missing in 2019. Tylee, Lori’s 16-year-old biological daughter with ex-husband Joseph Ryan, was last seen on September 8, 2019, after visiting Yellowstone National Park with her family, according to USA Today.

JJ, a seven-year-old adopted by Lori and her deceased ex-husband Charles Vallow, was last seen at Rexburg’s Kennedy Elementary School in Idaho on September 23 before his mother called the school to unenroll him, indicating he will be home-schooled in the future, according to KSL News.

Police questioned Lori and her new husband Chad in November 2019, after concerns about the children’s whereabouts grew. JJ, according to the couple, was visiting family in Arizona. When police called the relative, they were informed that JJ was not staying there. Lori and Chad, meantime, abruptly departed their homes in Rexburg, Idaho.

Lori was arrested in Hawaii in February 2020 and charged with desertion and failure to support her dependent children. The case, however, took a sinister turn when the remains of Tylee and JJ were discovered inside Chad’s home in June 2020, according to East Idaho News. Lori and Chad’s ex-spouses, Charles Vallow and Tammy Daybell, both died, complicating the case even further.

Lori Vallow Daybell Has How Many Husbands?

Lori, 49, has had five marriages. Her first marriage occurred in 1992 when she married her high school lover Nelson James at the age of 19. Their romance, however, failed and they divorced within a year. Lori married her second husband, William Lagioia in Travis County, Texas, in 1995. Colby was born in 1996 to the couple, but their marriage terminated in divorce in 1998.

Lori married for the third time in 2001 when she married Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. Ryan legally adopted Lori’s son Colby, and the couple welcomed their own kid, Tylee, in 2002. The marriage ended in divorce once more, this time in 2005. Ryan died after a heart attack in 2018, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

Lori married Charles Vallow for the fourth time in February 2006, and they adopted a son, JJ. Lori’s marriage was the longest of her partnerships, lasting 13 years until Charles died in July 2019 after being shot in self-defense by Lori’s brother Alex Cox.

Lori married again not long after, in November 2019, when she married her current spouse, Chad. The couple is still married, but they are facing first-degree murder charges for the murders of Tylee Ryan, JJ Vallow, and Chad’s own ex-wife, Tammy Daybell, who died just two weeks before he and Lori married in 2019.

What Happened To Lori Vallow Daybell?

Lori Vallow Daybell is in the custody of the Fremont County Sheriff in Idaho as of September 2022, awaiting trial on many counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Vallow Daybell was arrested in Hawaii in 2020 and extradited to Idaho, where she is being held in the Madison County Jail awaiting trial.

Lori was declared incompetent to stand trial by an Idaho judge in May 2021, according to ABC News, and was moved to a mental health facility, where she remained until April 2022, when she was deemed competent to stand trial.

Lori Vallow Daybell
Lori Vallow Daybell

Lori and Chad have both pled not guilty to murder charges and will stand trial together. The trial is set to begin on January 9, 2023, and will last ten weeks. If Lori and Chad are found guilty, prosecutors will pursue the death penalty, according to KSL News in May 2022.

Sins of Our Mother stars Lori Vallow Daybell and Colby Ryan. Sins Of Our Mother is now accessible on Netflix after premiering on September 14, 2022. In other developments, Dahan: OTT streaming release date and cast for new Indian horror series revealed.

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