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Man Guilty of Murdering Girlfriend Who Was Found Dead in the Tub in 2019

A guy was found responsible for the murder of his girlfriend in 2019, who had been found dead in the bathroom of their shared apartment. Because of what happened, the man was arrested and charged with the crime.

On Friday, a jury in Travis County reached a verdict that declared the defendant, Sergio Jose Gomez-Herrada, guilty of murder. Gomez-Herrada is 37 years old. On October 3, the jury selection for the trial of Gomez-Herrada began, and on October 4, the prosecution was able to start questioning witnesses.

Gomez-Herrada was taken into custody by members of the Austin Police Department on August 8, 2019. On August 4, 2019, he was charged with the murder of a woman named Francy Vanessa Martinez, who was 41 years old. On September 20, 2019, a murder indictment against Gomez-Herraded was presented to a judge for consideration.

Man guilty of murdering girlfriend
Man guilty of murdering girlfriend

The dead body of Martinez was found inside her home on Chaparral Trail in south Austin, near East Stasney Lane and South Pleasant Valley Road, by the authorities. Martinez had recently passed away. She was discovered inside a locked lavatory with all her belongings still on, and her body showed signs of “trauma” that the police said were consistent with a homicide investigation. The authorities informed the public that Martinez’s car had been stolen and issued a public warning about the character of Gomez, which they described as “extremely Herrada’s risky.”

On Tuesday, the District Attorney for Travis County, José Garza, stated that his office is “committed to holding those who commit acts of violence accountable.” We hope this verdict will finally bring the peace and resolution that the victim’s family desperately needs to their lives. Read more: Griff and Martha Thomas: Dead Bodies From 46 Years Ago Are Being Investigated Forensically

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