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Merrimac Man Later Confessed to Raping, Assaulting 74-year-old Woman: a Thorough Overview

MERRIMAC, Massachusetts — The
A guy from Merrimac, Massachusetts, accused of raping and kidnapping a woman who was 74 years old, has entered a guilty plea.

According to the office of the District Attorney for Essex County, William Raia acknowledged entering a woman’s house in July of last year and repeatedly raping the victim.

Raia entered a guilty plea to aggravated kidnapping, armed assault in residence, three counts of aggravated rape, assault to rape, strangling, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60, assault and battery on a person over 60, inflicting harm, and breaking in the nighttime creating terror.

According to the statements made to investigators by the victim on July 3, 2021, she woke up to see Raia standing over her.

Merrimac Man Later Confessed to Raping, Assaulting 74-year-old Woman
Merrimac Man Later Confessed to Raping, Assaulting 74-year-old Woman

“She had been asleep when she was startled by a disturbance, and as she opened her eyes, she saw a man standing next to her bed. Before she had a chance to defend herself, the person proceeded to strangle her, beat her about the face and body, and suffocate her by pushing his fingers down her neck so she couldn’t breathe, “prosecutor Kate MacDougall stated this during Raia’s arraignment in July of 2021.

MacDougall alleged that the victim was subjected to sexual assault, physical violence, and pepper spray.

During the early stages of the inquiry, the authorities stated that they discovered Raia’s DNA on a beer could look at the site.

In addition, a mobile phone that belonged to Raia’s wife was discovered at the site.

A judge handed him a sentence of 22 years to be served in jail.

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