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Murder in Sword Attack: A Man Is Arrested for Attempted Murder After Using a Sword Against Another Person

An arrest was made on Tuesday evening in connection with an attempted homicide that entailed a lady being stabbed many times with a sword. The attempted homicide was investigated by law enforcement personnel.
On Tuesday evening, officers from the Wilshire Police Department captured a man on suspicion of attempting to murder a woman with a sword. The victim had been attacked earlier in the day.

At about 11:20 p.m., Wilshire police cars were called to the 1200 block of Victoria Avenue in response to a complaint of an attack with a dangerous weapon that was taking place there. The incident was said to be taking place there.

After conducting more research, they were able to establish that the person in question was Eric Herrera, and upon arrival, they noticed that he was walking along the middle of the street while holding a blade.

Murder in Sword Attack
Murder in Sword Attack

To bring the situation back under control and de-escalate it, the officers gave Herrera verbal directions to put down his pistol. The authorities said that he violated the police’ directives and then approached them while brandishing a blade after disobeying the officers’ commands. In addition, he declined to comply with their demands.

After then, the police officers resorted to the use of less severe types of force, such as deploying a taser, for example. Following that, Herrera was taken to jail, and she is presently being held there instead of on bail of one hundred thousand dollars. Read more: Behati Prinsloo Pose for Mirror Selfie While Pregnancy

Law enforcement officers were able to make contact with a female victim who was suffering from multiple cuts inflicted on her arm as a consequence of the man’s sword throughout the incident.

The first responders to arrive at the site were members of the Los Angeles Fire Department, who transported the injured person to a hospital in the area. It is said that her health is not deteriorating at this time.

It was unable to identify the woman’s identity straight away for unknown reasons. Read more: A guy is wanted in relation to the homicide of a lady that occurred near Jones and Harmon

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