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Officials Say Police Shot and Killed a Guy Carrying a Machete at an Indiana Walmart

According to the authorities, a police officer in southern Indiana shot and killed a guy who was brandishing a machete and charging at him inside a Walmart. According to the Indiana State Police, Walmart had already shut its doors to customers for the evening on Monday night when, at approximately 11:15 p.m., employees notified three officers from the Clarksville Police Department who were standing outside the store that a suspicious man was walking around inside.

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According to the state police, the individual disregarded requests to leave the store and was eventually identified as Daniel Francis Scott, 30 years old, from Corydon, Indiana. Additionally, it looked like Scott had had significant wounds to the side of his neck.

The officers noticed Scott roaming around inside the store, and when he was confronted, he brandished a knife with a machete-style blade and charged toward one of the officers, according to the state police. After being shot by the officer with the department firearm, Scott was pronounced dead at the hospital where he was taken.

Officials Say Police Shot and Killed a Guy Carrying

Investigation into the shooting has been requested by the Clarksville Police Department by Indiana State Police. According to the state police, neither Walmart employees nor officers from the Clarksville Police Department were hurt during the incident.

State police have stated that investigators believe the wounds to Daniel Scott’s neck were likely self-inflicted. They also believe that Scott stole a razer and a machete from the store before being asked to leave. Copyright reserved for Associated Press in the year 2022. We reserve all of our rights. It is strictly forbidden to print, broadcast, rewrite, or otherwise redistribute the content found here.

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