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The Ac Expressway Reopens Following a Crash in Winslow Township That Wounded Three People

(CBS) WINSLOW TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (AP) — According to the police, the Atlantic City Expressway was reopened following a catastrophic accident that occurred in Winslow Township on Thursday night and left three persons injured. The collision, which involved two vehicles and took place just before 5 o’clock, occurred approximately east of Exit 38.

As a result of the collision, one person was thrown from their vehicle. Two people were taken to the hospital using ground transportation, and a third was taken there via air transportation. Up until about 8 o’clock in the evening, all highways heading east were closed.

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Due to the accident, the Atlantic City Expressway was shut down in Winslow Township (CBS Philadelphia). After an incident in Winslow Township that left three people injured, the Atlantic City Expressway has been reopened. At one point, the lane going in the westbound direction was momentarily closed. The inquiry into the crash is ongoing.

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