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Wisconsin man guilty of murdering 6 at Christmas parade with SUV

A Wisconsin man was convicted Wednesday of killing six people by driving his SUV into a Christmas procession last year.

Darrell Brooks was convicted of six first-degree intentional murders. Each count carries a life sentence. The jury heard the case on Tuesday and discussed it until Wednesday morning before reaching a judgment. Brooks faces 76 counts in November’s Waukesha mayhem.

Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper centered her closing remarks on Brooks’ purpose. She alleged he planned to murder people since he didn’t stop after hitting the first parade participant.
“STOP DRIVING! Finally. So easy! If he’d stopped driving, nobody would have been harmed “said Opper.

“He killed 68. Sixty-eight. How to keep hitting? How do you keep hitting two? How do you keep scoring? He was unfazed. Until there were no more bodies, he continued going.”

She ended her speech by showing a video of Brooks’ “parade carnage.” The AP live stream didn’t pan to the footage, but Judge Jennifer Dorow looked to flinch and Deputy District Attorney Lesli Boese appeared to swallow back tears.

Brooks pled not guilty due to mental illness but withdrew it in September. Just days before his trial on Oct. 3, he chose to represent himself.

Wisconsin man guilty
Wisconsin man guilty

He’s spent the whole trial disputing with Dorow, refusing to accept his own identity and claiming the state has no power over him. The judge has had bailiffs send him to another courtroom so she may mute his microphone when he’s unruly.

The court let him make his final statements in person on Tuesday. He said the SUV was recalled for a faulty throttle. After Opper protested, a Wisconsin State Patrol vehicle inspector testified that the car’s brakes were working, he indicated the driver panicked. Some witnesses reported hearing the SUV’s horn. Read more: Michael Jordan Divorce: is it true that her girlfriend liked his fame

He didn’t admit he was the driver but stated he constantly wonders in his cell how “this” occurred. Because he knows it wasn’t, he’s never questioned if “this” was deliberate. He didn’t define “this.”

Brooks has been called many names this year. “I’m several things, No murderer.” Opper remarked to Brooks, “Look in the mirror.” “You’re a killer.”

Prosecutors say Brooks got into a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend in Waukesha on Nov. 21 and drove his SUV into the procession. Opper told the jury she doesn’t know why Brooks joined the march besides being angry.

He also faces 61 reckless endangerment counts. Each homicide gets a life sentence. Each reckless endangerment allegation carries a 17 1/2-year sentence.

One of the ladies killed in the parade collision had undetected uterine cancer, her husband learned days later.

John Kulich told “CBS Mornings” national correspondent David Begnaud in November, “I was delighted to learn that maybe a lot of misery was averted.” “At least let my kids think God took her so she wouldn’t suffer. Hopefully, that’s enough.” Read more: Mom Wanted for Murder After 5-year-old Discovered Dead in Suitcase

Jane was one of six persons murdered when Brooks drove into the throng. 52-year-old

“Teamwork. My buddy, I can’t accomplish this by myself “saying “She was crucial.”

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