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A Mother of Six Was Slain at a Detroit Motel. a Looming’tridemic’ Ethan Crumbley’s Attorney Claims He is Sorry

A 42-year-old mother of six was murdered at a Detroit motel, leaving a bereaved family and authorities searching for answers. Last Tuesday, Stacie Ball’s body was discovered at the Travel Inn on Harper Road. “You didn’t have to treat her like way, you didn’t,” Stacie’s sister Sherry Ball remarked.

A Detroit Motel Where a Mother of Six Was Killed • Imminent ‘Tridemic’ • Ethan Crumbley’s Lawyer Said His Client Feels Regret

“He said, ‘Mum, they got it on Facebook: they discovered my mama dead,'” her mother, Augusta Ball, recalled. She claims they hadn’t spoken to her in a few weeks, which alarmed her. Stacie’s friends began hunting for her, and one of them came upon a large police presence at the motel where she was shot numerous times, according to investigators.

“And I’ve sobbed so much that my head (is) hazy… just trying to fathom, you know, who could do that to her?” Sherry stated. According to Augusta Ball, Stacie struggled with substance misuse and she frequently prayed and begged her daughter to come home and become clean.

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“‘I’m trying, mama,’ she said. I’m making an effort.’ ‘I want you to strive harder, darling,’ I murmured. ‘Please return home,'” said Lugusta. “‘Mama is getting older, and I won’t be here much longer, so I want you to come home,’ I remarked. ‘Mama, I’m going to try,’ she said. I’m going to give it my all.'”

A Mother of Six Was Slain at a Detroit Motel. a Looming'tridemic' Ethan Crumbley's Attorney Claims He is Sorry

August recalls her daughter as the family comic and the life of the party. She is survived by six children and a bereaved family, who have left this note for the person who killed her. ”I hope my sister receives justice,” Sherry remarked. “I hope one day we may stand before you and tell you how much you harmed us.”

According to authorities, the investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with information about what happened here is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department’s Homicide Section at (313)-596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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