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Amanda Trenfield Left Her Husband for a Once-met Man

Here we try to find out the details of why Amanda Trenfield Left Her Husband. The chemistry that Amanda Trenfield and her husband had shared since they were in their twenties started to dissipate, and as a result, their marriage began to experience difficulties.

The Whole Coverage of Amanda’s Separation

After 14 years of marriage, a lady disclosed the three words that caused her to leave her husband for a man she had only met once. Author Amanda Trenfield tells the story of how she and her husband went to a professional conference and met the man she eventually married at a group meal.

One month after Trenfield’s divorce was finalized, she contacted her ex-husband and he agreed to meet with her during her visit to the area for a family member’s funeral.

Nonetheless, the Sydney, Australia woman stated in an interview with Mamamia that the next day, she received an email from the man saying he no longer wanted to meet. On the morning of the following day, I got a message. The communication was brief and lacked passion. According to Trenfield’s autobiography, “he considered my proposal and decided it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to catch up or keep in touch.”

He said, “I don’t want to interfere with my issue,” and that was that. Take care of yourself, he added as a parting shot. I felt utterly hopeless. She wrote an extremely exposed response that made her want to run and hide, but ultimately sent it because she couldn’t let it go. Read more: Newport Beach Nightclub Security Manager Not Guilty of Fentanyl Murder

Trenfield was sad when her trip ended and she was at the airport but she had still heard nothing from him. She wrote in her diary, through tears, “I wasn’t OK.” My heart sank. My spirit felt like it had been shattered into a thousand pieces. But I knew I had to keep going. I had to find a way to keep going.

Amanda Trenfield left her husband
Amanda Trenfield left her husband

Over two years, she tracked the seven stages of processing the devastating blow. The first was a return to “first principles” in the form of re-discovering childhood passions like music; the second was an exploration of spirituality as a means of comprehending her relationship with the guy she had left her husband for. Read more: Explaining the Syrax Shots During Rhaenyra’s Miscarriage

Trenfield, conditioned in a culture whereby she was expected to mature, marry, and have a family, looked at her connections with friends and the other s*x.

She said that it made her feel like she was missing something without a significant other. When she realized how much she had unconsciously taken on, she sought out alternative treatments once more.

Meeting him sparked a journey of self-discovery that continues to this day. As she continued on her search, she encountered concepts like soul contracts, soulmates, kindred spirits, and Twin Flames. Read more: The Government is Being Encouraged to Support a Push for Paid Maternity Leave


TWO CHILDREN were born to her and her spouse after 14 years of marriage.

But when Amanda Trenfield met a stranger she thought might be her “soulmate,” she decided to end her marriage.  Amanda’s incredible experience at a conference where she hoped to revive her relationship with her spouse after a rough period by picking up a copy of her book When A Soulmate Says No.

But when she got there, she found herself attracted to another man named Jason because of the “powerful and raw” electricity she felt from him.

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