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Attempting to Cash in on the Black Death, Greg Abbott’s ‘crime’ Advertisement

Greg Abbott’s political beliefs frequently make more sense in his head than vocally. A campaign commercial he published Tuesday portrays a Black woman whose kid was reportedly slain by a criminal freed on bail. It’s an attempt to link crime and Democrats. Abbott’s use of the tragedy has multiple flaws. First, the ad’s suggestion that Beto O’Rourke thinks authorities should “free criminals” is false.

O’Rourke has advocated for an end to the cash bail system, which exploits impoverished people, especially nonwhites. O’Rourke says nonviolent offenders shouldn’t pay monetary bail. His campaign told the Houston Chronicle on Tuesday.

Chris Evans, O’Rourke’s campaign communications director, stated, “If someone has a violent past and poses a risk to our communities, no amount of money should allow this person to be freed from jail.”

Abbott is the governor of Texas, therefore this crime happened on his watch. Crime has surged in Texas in recent years, also on Abbott’s watch, correlating with a rise in gun purchases, which Abbott has supported in the past. The commercial says Stacy Langhum’s son Diego was killed because of bail rules, but one could just as well argue Abbott and other Republicans are responsible for Texas’ loose gun regulations, which make it simple to buy firearms legally and drive illicit gun transactions. Read more: Pregnant Selma Blair: DWTS leaving made Kaley Cuoco crying

Greg Abbott's 'crime'
Greg Abbott’s ‘crime’

Studies refute Abbott and Republicans’ assertion that counties with progressive prosecutors have greater violent crime rates.
Abbott isn’t real. Last year, when challenged about a state law limiting abortions after six weeks, he swore to “eradicate” rape in Texas. Texas officially outlaws abortion at all stages of pregnancy, except life-threatening medical situations.

Abbott failed to eliminate rape, reader.

Abbott’s border strategy was another example. Abbott created Operation Lone Star, arrogantly declaring he could handle immigration better than the Biden administration. Even Republicans have criticized him for botching the operation.

This commercial shows the “Abbott habit”: Help Republicans take control, watch things go bad, then point fingers and double down on ridiculous ideas. Read more: Sarah Inam Murder: an Islamabad Court Has Granted Shahnawaz Amir’s Mother a Two-day Physical Remand

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