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There May Be More Victims for the Missouri Dog-collar Kidnapping Rapist

The case of the “Missouri dog-collar kidnapping rapist” is on Air. There was no possible serial killer in this terrifying kidnapping and subsequent escape, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Explanation of the Dog-collar Kidnapping and Rape Case in Missouri

Authorities in Missouri are looking into more possible crimes committed by the man suspected of holding a woman captive in his basement for a month before she escaped and begged neighbors for assistance while dressed in “latex lingerie” and a padlocked metal dog collar.

Last week, police in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, arrested 39-year-old Timothy Marrion Haslett Jr. on first-degree rape or attempted rape, first-degree abduction, and second-degree assault for allegedly keeping a woman captive in a dungeon-like chamber in his basement for weeks. On Tuesday, he was formally charged and arraigned.

Chief Gregory Dull of the Excelsior Springs Police Department told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that his department is “currently investigating this as a kidnapping and rape case,e and as we do, we will search for evidence of any further offenses.” “The house was searched, and several things were recovered; these are currently being inspected and assessed. The inquiry is still ongoing. Therefore, we do not have any other details to share at this time.”

Even as they probe further, investigators publicly discredit rumors and “gossip.” Word on the internet is that there are more people who have died than have been officially confirmed. As of right now, there is ZERO DOCUMENTATION supporting that claim, “the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, which is helping with the inquiry, said in a Facebook post. Read more: Matt and Misty Divorce: Is It True or It Just a Rumor?

Missouri dog-collar kidnapping rapist
Missouri dog-collar kidnapping rapist

On Wednesday, commentators on a page under Haslett’s name were speculating whether or not there was a serial murderer in the area preying on young ladies. There may be more women injured or in danger than was initially thought, according to reports from the Kansas City Star citing remarks made by the lone victim to authorities.

Since Haslett’s arrest, the newspaper said, police have removed many vast bags of evidence from the ranch-style house. A cadaver dog, trained to locate the dead and missing, has been employed to search the yard and Haslett’s truck. Fox News Digital’s request for comment from the sheriff’s office was not met with an instant response.

According to court filings involving the escaped woman,  Haslett “picked her up on Prospect in Kansas City” early last month, around 30 miles from his Excelsior Springs residence. While transporting his kid to school, he allegedly held her tied and chained by the ankles until she escaped. Read more: Khalid Ibn Al Walid: All Details!

According to the complaint, she informed authorities that he raped and whipped her many times during the incident.

On Tuesday, a court ruled that Haslett was impoverished and appointed a public defender to represent her. The bail set for him was $500,000. Haslett would be prohibited from having any contact with the victim or having any firearms in his possession if he posts bail. Moreover, he would be required to keep a GPS tracker on his person at all times.

The sheriff’s office issued a second statement warning that “not everything you read on social media or the internet is genuine.”

Police have asked the public to be patient as they continue their investigation. The message said, “You may express your support by not spreading rumors and by respecting the requirement for investigative integrity.” As of right now, there is zero risk to the general populace, and if that changes, you will be informed. Read more: Evan Felker Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!


Officials in Missouri are looking into more possible offenses committed by the man accused of holding a woman captive in his basement for a month until she escaped and begged neighbors for assistance while wearing “latex lingerie” and a padlocked metal dog collar.

After weeks of allegedly holding a woman captive in a dungeon-like prison in his basement, police arrested Timothy Marrion Haslett Jr., 39, of Excelsior Springs last week on counts of first-degree rape or attempted rape, first-degree abduction and second-degree assault. On Tuesday, he appeared in court for his arraignment.

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