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Photos: 4 Killed After Deadly Drone Attacks Strikes Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv!

The capital city of Ukraine came under attack by waves of explosive drones early on Monday morning, just as families were getting ready to start the new week. The explosions could be heard throughout the city of Kyiv, sparking fires in buildings and sending people running for cover. At least three individuals lost their lives.

It was not immediately known how many drones were employed in the attack on the capital city, but it was a significant number. It was reported by the Associated Press that several of the drones seemed to be Iranian-made Shahids, despite the fact that the Iranian government has disputed this.

Videos posted on social media websites showed drones flying above the capital city while smoke was seen rising into the early morning sky. Additionally, the continuous sound of gunfire was audible in one of the videos, suggesting that an attempt was made to bring down a drone using firearms.

It has been reported that Russia is employing drones built in Iran and rebranding them as Geran-2. These drones are armed with an explosive charge and have the ability to loiter over their targets before launching an attack. Their wings, which are fashioned like an A, allow them to be recognized immediately.

In a post on social media, Andrii Yermak, who is the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, stated that Shahid drones were among the vehicles that were utilized in the attack on Kyiv. According to a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Air Force named Yurii Ihnat, at least thirteen drones were shot down in the Kyiv region alone. All of the drones were coming from the south when they were intercepted.

According to the statements made by the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, one of the regions that were affected was the central Shevchenkivskyi district of the city. In this area, apartment complexes were destroyed and a non-residential building caught fire.

4 Killed After Deadly Drone Attacks Strikes Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv

Waves of explosives-laden suicide drones rocked Ukraine’s capital Monday, lighting buildings on fire, tearing a hole in one of them, and sending people fleeing for safety or attempting to shoot them down in what the president described as Russia’s attempt to intimidate residents.

The focused employment of kamikaze drones was the second bombardment in as many weeks, following months when air strikes had been rare in central Kyiv. The attack instilled anxiety and frazzled nerves as explosives shook the metropolis.

According to authorities, energy facilities were hit, and one drone largely demolished a residential building, killing four people. Also, Read Iranian-made Kamikaze Drones Attack Ukraine‘s Kyiv Area. As the Iranian-made Shahid drones flew overhead, soldiers allegedly attempted to destroy them, and intense bursts of gunfire sounded out.

Others followed suit, fearfully eyeing the skies. But, over eight months into the Russian assault, Ukraine has grown accustomed to attacks, and city life continued as rescuers combed amid the debris. Also see: ‘His Hands Will Be Completely Covered In Ukrainian Blood,’ Says New Russian Commander

Previous Russian airstrikes on Kyiv were primarily missile-based. Unless the technology malfunctions, analysts believe the slower-moving Shahid drones may be trained to accurately shoot specific targets using GPS. Also on Monday, a Russian Su-34 warplane crashed in a residential area of the Russian port of Yeysk on the Sea of Azov after an engine failure, killing at least four people on the ground, injuring 25, and igniting a fire that engulfed several floors of a nine-story apartment building, according to authorities.

According to the RIA-Novosti news agency, Anna Menkova, the region’s vice governor, three of the victims died when they leaped from the building’s upper stories to escape the fire. Six additional people were reported missing.

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