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Tisha Campbell Legally Dropped “Martin” From Her Name Two Years After Her Divorce!

Tisha Campbell has been divorced from Duane Martin for a while now, and in that time, she has opted to stop using her married name (Tisha Campbell-Martin). Recently, she visited the Social Security Administration office to change her legal name back to her maiden name.

The Instagram post from the 53-year-old actress read: “Okay, I just got my divorce decree. She then admitted, “I know that took a while.” My dad’s birthday is today, and I just went to the Social Security office to alter my name back to Tisha Campbell.

Then, Campbell formally reintroduced herself, adding, “I’m Tisha Campbell. Hello… Hello, and thank you for stopping by today!


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Campbell posted a heartfelt tribute to her dad in the video’s caption.

I’m at a loss for words. 🕊🕊🕊🕊 My dad noticed this and remarked, “My baby girl is back. The best present I ever received on my birthday. Oh, pops! To add: #Hi, Instagram Can you alter my name for me, please?

Tisha Campbell Divorce

Actress Jennifer Garner filed for divorce from husband Duane Martin in 2018. Their divorce was formalized two years later, in 2020. Campbell and Martin’s boys are Xen, 20, and Ezekiel, 12. Their youngest child is in joint custody with both of them.

Whether or not a marriage lasts forever, even a short-lived union can pave the road to a more harmonious future for its members. Campbell’s positive attitude and efforts to celebrate her father and her own unique identity are heartening to observe.

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