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Who is Hayley Paige’s Ex-husband? Why She is Getting Divorced and Who is Hayley Paige’s Second Husband?

Hayley Paige and Her Boyfriend Conrad Louis Are Getting Engaged. With a picture-perfect surprise engagement from her fiancé Conrad Louis this week, she is now on her way to the altar herself.

Moreover, has Hayley Paige called off her engagement?

It’s Time to Accept the Dress Designer of wedding dresses Hayley Paige has filed for divorce. Hayley Paige, renowned for her work in the bridal industry, recently shared the news that she and her husband would be splitting up. According to The Knot, the wedding dress designer’s engagement with the insurance broker occurred following a rapid-fire three-month courtship.

What’s the scoop about Hayley Paige’s marital status?

Paige told us she and her now-husband Danny Wallis were planning a “unique-chic wedding— one that might involve, but is not limited to, live animals, wild lighting, and a whole lot of fusing.”

Apr 27, 2020

Why Hayley Paige is Getting Divorced?

You’ve probably heard of the show Say Yes to the Dress. Hayley Paige was the show’s draw, so to speak. Hayley Paige, 31, is a well-known designer of wedding gowns based in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States. Hayley is White, specifically Caucasian. She and her sister were raised by their parents after being born in California, USA, in 1987.

Hayle’s mom is an architect and her dad is a son. Her grandma was the driving force behind Hayley’s pursuit of her lifelong passion of becoming a fashion designer. This article will examine Hayley Paige’s separation from her husband.

Hayley’s ultimate career goal was to work in the fashion industry, as I mentioned before. She could sew and crochet by the time she was four years old. Everything she knew, she owed to her grandma. When she was dressing her doll, she chose a bright shade of pink to match her hair and eyes.

After she had already attended her prom and graduated, a bridal version of her gown was made. She is well-known in Say Yes to the Dress for her original and stylish bridal gowns. Hayley has a few TLC shows where she’s the star, in addition to Say Yes to the Dress. Let’s take a look at Hayley Paige’s split up right now.

Hayley Paige’s Divorce. 

Hayley Paige and Danny Wallis are officially divorced, as we all know. Hayley Paige of “Say Yes to the Dress” fame is officially divorced from her husband Danny Wallis. Insurance brokering is what Hayles’ ex-husband does for a living. They began dating before 2015. They started dating, then on July 11, 2015, they got married. As a result of the couple’s many marital difficulties, her marriage to Wallis eventually ended. Eventually, the couple’s disagreements and tensions became too much to bear, and after many years of marriage, they separated.

Current Relationships and the Upcoming Wedding.

As of the year 2021, the Say Yes to the Dress host is a committed couple with Conrad Louis. Hayley found true love with Conrad after her divorce from her first marriage. There is no confirmed information on when the couple first started dating, but it’s clear that they belong together.

Their relationship appears to be very successful. Hayley’s boyfriend proposed to her on the floor. They were on their way to a commercial shoot, Conrad Louis told Hayley. At least, he didn’t do so until he got down on one knee with a ring in his hand and completely blindsided his fiancée.

The happy couple has decided to finally take the plunge and be married in the coming months. Hayley made her wedding announcement on Instagram. Moreover, she shared her joy and enthusiasm at her recent romantic development. Since Conrad came into her life, Hayley has been very content.

Despite the several court cases she is currently involved in, she appears to be content with her new fiance. The engagement photos quickly went viral. During her time in St. John, Louise visited the Solenborg Estate. Their engagement was beautifully documented by Tropical Bandit Photography.


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Hayley Paige’s Career and Early Life.

The star of “Say Yes to the Dress” was a competitive gymnast back in her younger years. She used to put in almost six hours of practice per day on the same thing. She originally planned on becoming an acrobat before ever considering the possibility of designing wedding gowns.

As a young girl growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, her lifelong dream was to become a professional athlete. Hayley took it very seriously and intended to earn a living doing it. She first intended to focus on couture eveningwear, but quickly shifted her focus to bridal wear. She turned her interest into a successful profession, and she has achieved great success there.

Hayley was lucky and landed a job as an intern at Elle Magazine. Her beauty expert and adviser for the publication was Julie Weiss. True New York City flavor and elegance were hers to enjoy. During her final year in high school, Paige created a wedding gift set for ten for a senior who ran away. Since Jill Stuart’s clothing caught her eye, she was offered a collaboration with the sportswear designer.

Hayley Paige, a bridal designer, talks to The Knot about her experience remarrying and arranging a wedding for the second time after a divorce.

What’s your Outlook on Second Weddings in General?

I strongly support love and marriage in any form and for any couple. For me, that’s the whole story; I believe it’s wonderful when people are lucky enough to find love, and I think they should celebrate it any way they like. A second wedding is just a wedding, period.

Hayley Paige Divorce

Do You Think There’s a Stigma Associated With Them?

You can choose not to participate, though. I’ll be honest and say that I never planned on getting a divorce when I was younger. What you’re going through is something I hope never happens to anyone else. However, the key is to pick yourself up and move on gracefully so that you may welcome love again if it ever comes your way. Indeed, this will recur in the future. I take great joy in communicating that idea. True love is something you can find more than once in your life.

Do You Think the Rules Change When Getting Married for a Second Time?

It’s important to recognize and honor love. Everyone deserves to be the hero of their fairy tale, regardless of how old, broken, or whatever they may be. Nothing about it should be up to interpretation. You and only you have the right to decide how your love story will be honored. Celebrating love after suffering a loss demonstrates enormous bravery, and if you’re open, amazing things can occur.

Why Was It Important to Your to Share Your Story on Social Media?

My first marriage was televised, on the hit show Say Yes to the Dress. In my mind, it was my duty to tell my narrative. There’s a lot of pressure to always present the best version of oneself on social media, so it’s easy to fall into the habit of only displaying your highlights reel. To connect with actual brides and people, I thought it was crucial to be open and honest.

Even though my first marriage didn’t work out, I never stopped believing in the possibility of finding “the one.” To keep moving forward with my life, to live in the here and now, and to look forward with anticipation to what the future holds, is the most potent thing I can do. I would have missed out on the love of my life if, when I first met Conrad, I was unwilling to become excited about him because of my ties to the past.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Fiancé?

Serendipity. The word simply refers to the occurrence of a fortunate circumstance that seems to arise out of nowhere. It sums up my introduction to Conrad and how well our characters mesh. Before I met him, the concept of a soul mate was foreign to me. Something about us just attracts each other.

I just don’t know how to put it into words. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m glad it exists. From the beginning, I could see that he was a caring and compassionate human being. He’s more than just a soul mate; he’s also a comrade. What I was thinking, he would say. I mean, he’s not my first, but he is my last.

Hayley Paige Divorce

Do You Have a Specific Vision or Vibe in Mind for Your Day?

Since he’s from Austin and I’m from the West Coast, you may expect a touch of Southwestern style. We also plan to make use of Mother Nature. The two years we’ve spent at Burning Man have completely reshaped our definition of adventure. We were far from civilization and immersed in the great outdoors. As New Yorkers, we value highly any opportunity to spend time in naturally beautiful settings. In addition, I don’t think we’ll feel as constrained by the norms of a conventional wedding. We’re looking for an environmentally responsible experience.

What’s Your Advice to Someone Planning a Second Wedding?

You must maintain an attitude of unwavering optimism, for it is your mental attitude that will determine your success. You should approach it as the beginning of a whole new book. Remember, this is your wedding, not some big deal. There’s no need to specify a number after it. Indeed, this is a great time. You should read a fairy tale.

For more on what love is like in the year 2020, where to find it, and how to plan a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime, pick up a copy of The Knot’s Spring 2020 issue.

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